Top 5 Employee Scheduling Software for Large Businesses


In a large business which has an extended workforce spread over various sites, it is very important to ensure proper scheduling of resources in order meet business goals. This is especially true in industries which require heavy investments and small margins, with profitability depending on large volumes and efficient on time deliveries.

This is why a well defined employee scheduling software is needed to optimize the resource allocation process, and ensure maximum throughput or production with minimal disruption or downtime.

Keeping this in mind, at ITQlick we have reviewed numerous solutions in this sector to assist large businesses in their selection process. Some of the key features we have considered include scalability to business growth, adaptability to changes in scheduling requirements, and the comprehensiveness of scheduling features offered. Additionally we have considered infrastructure & integration requirements, and also any additional features beyond employee scheduling in the software. Our best recommendations after this review include the following.

1. Kronos WorkForce Ready

This product is scalable to meet the requirements of large businesses and includes a scheduling module to manage resource allocation. Kronos draws on its integration with the time & attendance module to track work time used, task completion, leave availed, and unexpected absences to dynamically develop schedules.

These are conveyed to employees via email and mobile SMS, and is managed through workflows which can review employee skills to optimize resource assignment, and define scheduling policies to be followed. For large businesses looking for a comprehensive and flexible solution, Kronos is a worthwhile option to review.

2. Epicor HCM

This product provides managers a single visual display of task requirements, resource skills & availability. Also this solution contains the ability to assign the correct resources in order to maximize work delivery while minimizing overtime or work stoppages.

The timesheets module which includes this functionality also allows the mapping of leave and absences to allow for better schedule planning and resource reassignment where required. As it is part of the Epicor ERP suite, this product offers large businesses the added benefit of integrating to its enterprise platform if required.

3. VistaHRMS

This product incorporates scheduling as part of its time & attendance module and is offered as a cloud based solution. With Vista HRMS, companies can leverage on data analytic tools to analyze time availability information to determine the best schedules for work allocation and employee assignments.

This includes support for shift management and exception analysis which flags any scheduling bottlenecks which need corrective action. Additionally Vista HRMS allows scheduling at various organizational levels and integrates with payroll to match work schedules with compensation. For large businesses focused only on scheduling and not on resource validation, this product would be a good fit for its requirements.

4. SaasHR

SaasHR includes employee scheduling as part of its time & attendance module. The product is scalable and offers feature based editions that can meet the growing requirements of large businesses. Some of the features it includes are resource assignment, task management, leave planning. Also included is scheduling exception monitoring to handle unexpected resourcing or scheduling issues.

In addition there are self service portals through which employees can monitor in real-time their work allocation and schedules. Finally the product provides detailed data analytics that can be utilized to analyze scheduling performance and determine refinement or reallocation to improve operations. SaasHR is best for large organizations that need basic scheduling & HR as an option to be integrated to their existing software infrastructure.

5. Interact HRMS

This product offers large businesses the flexibility to deploy either as an on premise, hosted or cloud based solution. Additionally it has a resource scheduling module that can be utilized for both project and services based companies. There is a competency definition feature to determine the types of jobs that resources can be assigned for, along with visual displays to document work assignments and resource availability.

The iSchedule function handles the setup of multiples schedules & shifts, allows modification of schedules to meet changed task or resourcing needs, and also team based scheduling. Finally there is integration to time & attendance and payroll for compensation.  Interact HRMS allows large businesses to effectively schedule their workforce while providing access to a complete HR solution.