Top 5 Employee Scheduling Software for SMBs


Business activities can be broken down into numerous tasks, the right employee can be found either within the organization or through recruitment.  However, together with this task and resource identification it is necessary to ensure that resources are properly scheduled to perform this task instead of other competing priorities. This is important as no business can run without integrating task management into one scheduling platform to optimize resource allocation, along with task completion.

Therefore, when considering an employee scheduling software for SMBs,at ITQlick we have sought to review a number of key factors related to their requirements. These include the types of scheduling options, flexibility to adapt scheduling to business requirements, along with how well integrated is scheduling with other resource & task management functions.

Additionally the cost of investment was considered, the type of technology requirements, and integration capabilities was looked at as well.  After reviewing numerous solutions on this basis we have come to the following recommendations.

1. Sage HRMS

This product has a well defined employee scheduling feature which is integrated with the time and attendance module to correctly understand current resource utilization and job allocation. Based on this employees can be scheduled for work using a visual work calendar.

The work calendar can be used to map resources, time and assignments in real time and trigger events informing employees of their work assignments. Employee scheduling also allows the definition of multiple shifts, employee transfers, and resource requests based on requirements. For SMBs looking for scheduling integrated with attendance and payroll, Sage HRMS offers a good option.

2. Kronos WorkForce Ready

Kronos is focused on workforce management for SMBs and includes a dedicated scheduling module.  This cloud based solution allows companies to define scheduling policies that meet business requirements and ensuring workflows are structured to comply with these policies.

The scheduling software assists managers to assign the properly skilled resources and manages their time allocation efficiently to ensure work optimization. In addition it is integrated with the time & attendance module to monitor absence or leave, so that it can dynamically reallocate resources, therefore minimizing work stoppage or throughput.

Schedules can easily be modified and electronically advised.  The software also works to minimize overtime costs by maximizing work allocation during regular hours.

3. Epicor HCM

Epicor HCM is a cloud based solution which is part of the Epicor ERP suite of applications.  It has a Timesheets module which covers time & attendance, absence management and workforce scheduling.  The product supports resource planning in line with employee availability, skills level, and current task assignment.

Management can see visual displays of resource assignment and dynamically reallocate according to varying business priorities.  Epicor HCM is a good solution for SMBs looking for a solution which can scale to larger requirements and provide options to consolidate on one enterprise platform as the business grows.

4. PeopleMatter

PeopleMatter is another workforce management solution with a module that focuses on schedule optimization.  Features include schedule creation, shift management, electronic & SMS communication of schedule assignment & changes.

Another included features is mapping resource costs to scheduling budgets, to determine cost effectiveness and whether targets are being met.  Additionally there is support for scheduled hours assignment, employee sharing & availability, as well as employee level management.

More features of the application include  mobile device access, dynamic task assignment support, and includes forecasting & variance tools to control resource & scheduling costs. For SMBs looking for powerful workforce management software with integrated scheduling, PeopleMatter is a worthwhile option.

5. Deputy

This is a specialized employee scheduling software that is integrated with workforce management. The product is cloud based and supports access via mobile devices, and in addition offers SMBs the flexibility of a free product trial.  Deputy can easily create employee rosters defining their work assignments & schedules, with these being communicated via email, text or a mobile app.

This solution integrates with time & attendance to monitor job completion and manage leave & absences. Additionally there is support for overtime allocation, resource reallocation, and management for multiple sites. For SMBs there is a free starter package which includes basic employee scheduling scheduling, and this can be scaled to other paid editions with more features as the business grows.