Top 5 Employee Tracking Software for Large Businesses


In any organization, employees need to be considered as their primary asset. This is because they are the ones that ensure the delivery of products & services that drive business growth.

Therefore it is essential that companies have the ability to effectively monitor and track these employees both from the point of view of ensuring they deliver & rewarding them for the same, while also looking how best to grow the workforce to meet changing organizational requirements.

This is especially important for large businesses which have a diverse workforce, the ability to successfully track each employee while ensuring strategic objectives is a challenging goal to meet.

Therefore when considering solutions for large businesses, at ITQlick we realize that employee tracking applications have to be both comprehensive as well as flexible to align with business needs. This is why we have considered first whether employee tracking is available as a unified or segmented solution, reviewed the scope of the functionality available which is relevant to a large business’s requirements.

Additionally determined whether the options available can be easily implemented and integrated across existing systems, as well as if there are any unique offerings that might offers benefits to the organization. This has resulted in the following solution recommendations.

1. SuccessFactors

Successfactors offers large businesses a SAP based solution which utilizes its JAM collaboration platform for tracking and sharing of employee information. Its features include monitoring of employee job assignment, work roles, current skills & new training requirements, as well as career development objectives.

These features are unified in an Employee Central module that provides a portal for utilization by management & employees to track relevant HR information. Finally the product provides data analytics with benchmarks & KPI support that allows large businesses to track employees’ job performance, delivery & appraisals, and compensation reviews.

2. Kronos Workforce Ready

This is a cloud based solution that works in tandem with the Workforce Central product to address the requirements of large businesses. The product unifies employee tracking for the purpose of recruitment, payroll, time & attendance, as well as HR information management. Kronos also handles resource scheduling which includes task assignment, based on skills reviews, and then tracking completion & performance to determine productivity.

Additionally the product supports mobile device access that allows large business to track location, monitor attendance as well as log work done, which is important for a remote workforce. Lastly Kronos provides configurable employee alerts which can be used to track a variety of employee issues that may require proactive corrective action.

3. Epicor HCM

In Epicor HCM the employee tracking features are split between a number of different modules. Candidate Connect focuses on tracking new recruits & onboarding while Employee Connect is used to track all HR information related to an employee.

Large businesses can also track employee resource costing & work planning allocation along with physical & organizational location in the Position Control module. Employee development can be tracked through the Training module with appraisals & reviews conducted through the Performance Management module.

Finally all these features can be accessed through the Core HR module with a single view to track employees throughout their career with the organization. Epicor HCM provides a fairly comprehensive and scalable option for those large businesses looking for a feature rich, employee tracking solution.

4. SyncHR

SyncHR is focused on HR information management, benefits & compensation, and payroll processing. In terms of employee tracking it provides a unified platform to find information on resource history, work allocations, as well as attendance & leave management.

While it does not track employee performance, location or compensation reviews, it does provide companies a work flow based system to track employee information throughout the organization. This solution is meant for large businesses that require a focused employee tracking and HR application that meets basic requirements, for a reasonable investment as a cloud based application.

5. Criterion HCM

This product is based on workflows and looks to track employees from recruitment to the time they leave the organizations. Its employee tracking features includes core HR information, skills review & learning requirements, time & attendance, compensation as well as tracking work allocations, achievements and performance.

All these features can be unified in one portal for easy viewing of all related information of one employee. Another good point is that Criterion HCM allows companies to do a cost analysis to track employee productivity and determine revised work allocations. Additionally the product also supports customization of workflows to structure employee tracking to meet business requirements.