Top 5 Employee Tracking Software for SMBs


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In any company it is always important to monitor how well employees are adhering to business policies & objectives while also balancing the need to privacy. This is why most major HR systems today offer a variety of employee tracking software that address different aspects of this requirement.

This includes such things as monitoring of physical location which is necessary for remote based staff, ensuring work assignments are being addressed, tracking the employee’s position & growth in the company, as well as access to assigned corporation locations where authorized.

In order to recommend the best solutions for SMBs in this category, at ITQlick we have considered some important factors in the selection process. These include the types of employee tracking options available and the utilization of them, how well integrated are they into the overall solution, are there options to enhance the functionality to meet new requirements, and the type of investments that are required in order to utilize these solutions.

We understand that SMBs want to have the ability to track without impeding business operations, therefore based on our review the following are some of our top applications.

1. SuccessFactors

Successfactors is a SAP company and therefore provides SMBs access to the SAP portfolio of solutions which is a good added benefit. There is an Employee Central module that includes features for tracking employees’ skills, work & assignments, training, as well as organizational positioning. In addition it provides options to review succession planning for future promotions, as well as centralized access via portals for all employee related information.

The product can be integrated to payroll for benefits assignment and compensation reviews, as well as workforce analytics to evaluate job performance as well. As it is offered as a cloud based solution the product is easily accessible and scalable to meet SMBs growing employee base.

2. FinancialForce HCM

Financialforce provides another scalable cloud based solution. This solution is based on resource work flows so that employees can be successfully tracked during their entire career in the organization. Rather than have one dedicated module for this purpose employee tracking functions are divided across the solution. Recruitment handles identification & onboarding of an employee.

Human resources management unifies all employment data, work assignments and organizational positioning. Lastly Talent management focuses on tracking employee skills & recommending training, with a benefits function to conduct performance appraisals & career growth. The product also has time & attendance to track employees’ presence and approved access to corporate locations.

3. TribeHR

This product is a reasonably priced product which is primarily focused only on SMBs. However it is also part of the NetSuite application portfolio so it does offer companies lateral expansion into other solution areas if required. Tribe HR focuses on the key areas of employee recruitment, HR information management and performance management, utilizing a social collaboration platform so that all information is shared & accessible to employees, managers and the HR department.

Additionally with a free product trial SMBs can see how easy it is to track employees for work completion & achievements, therefore they can clearly recommend career growth options. While there are no options for physical location tracking & time management, Tribe HR does provide SMBs with an open API that allows integrations to a variety of third party software that can provide added functionality in these and other related areas.

4. Sage HRMS

This is a comprehensive HR solution for SMBs with scalability options to adapt as a business grows. Employee tracking is managed through a time & attendance module which can also be used for access control & payroll processing. Additionally there is a risk mitigation & compliance module that can validate new employee recruits background, as well as current employees’ compliance with business rules & regulations.

Employees can also be tracked for skills & training developments, performance & compensation reviews per management needs. Finally Sage has a decision support system that provides recommendations to both managers and HR departments about employee growth, reassignment or perhaps even termination based on their alignment with work & corporate objectives.

5. Kronos Workforce Ready

Kronos Workforce Ready is tailored for the requirements of SMBs, but offers the Workforce Central product for larger requirements. This is a cloud based solution whose focus is primarily on HR information, time & attendance and payroll management.

It offers SMBs an employee tracking solution focused on task assignment & completion, employee data & compensation as well as attendance & leave. It is a good option for those SMBs looking only for basic employee tracking features with a minimal investment requirement.