Top 5 Help Desk for Your IT Needs


Keeping customers happy is the need for any business – small, medium, or large. Your business needs a solution that can address crises and issues arising at the customer’s end. It is here that you can depend on a helpdesk software solution to

  • Address customer queries
  • Maintain positive relationship with customers
  • Manage ongoing IT duties
  • Manage workflow
  • Resolve recurring issues
  • Minimize work lags from unresolved issues
  • Track problems
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce manpower cost
  • Improve transparency
  • Automate issue triaging

Help desk management software is designed to store customer information, automate the issue resolution process, track interactions, and improve efficiency.

  1. Freshdesk

This is one of the best tools for customer engagement that caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes. With an intuitive user interface, Freshdesk is quick to set up and enables staff to raise ticket through email or the software interface.

Some of the key features of the helpdesk software include multi-channel support, time tracking, automation, and helpdesk ticketing system.  The feature-rich software integrates with third-party apps, including Google Apps. Easy to set up, Freshdesk is a web-based customer support solution that allows companies to provide service to their customers in many helpful ways.

  1. Zendesk

Looking for a better way to engage with customers? Zendesk offers a viable solution to make the most of customer interactions and turn them into lasting relationships. The scalable SaaS-based customer service platform can facilitate interactions over phone, email, and social networks.

Automated workflow is a key feature of the help desk solution that is compatible with third-party apps, including Salesforce and Google Apps. The help desk software is easy to use. It is designed with capabilities to enable you to address valid concerns at the time customers are reading about your product.

  1. Samanage

The cloud-based help desk solution is the right choice for small, medium, and large enterprises to seamlessly carry out IT help desk tasks. Users can track customers that have submitted tickets. Keep a track of all your business assets and any customer specific issues and challenges faced during the use of the asset.

Easy to use, Samange help desk solution can produce instant reports, so you have all the information at hand to see what matters to your business, helping you offer more streamlined customer service. The software automates the implementation of IT tasks, helping users raise tickets conveniently, and speed up resolution rates. With Samanage, there is a single dashboard to access IT-related incidents. It is easier to make tickets visible to concerned parties through tagging, email or other channels.

  1. Team Support

If you need a help desk solution for your IT needs, you can rely on TeamSupport, which comes with an array of tools to streamline customer support process and provide an even experience for users and clients. The program is easy to learn and use for your help desk, helping facilitate the task of customer service and task management.

Multiply your help desk efficiency with TeamSupport that helps you focus on your customers and boost efficiency with native integrations. The TeamSupport ticket system is highly effective and allows users to record issues in real time.

It features “WaterCooler” and “Wiki” document storage, where technical and customer support agents can share details about customer-related issues and seek better resolution. The help desk software also features an internal chat facility for virtual communication between agents.


The all-in-one help desk tool comes with an array of features for handling customer support. comes with a self-help section where customers can get answers to common questions. The customer support solution offers a call tracking and universal inbox to enable access to all communications from customers, irrespective of location, including social networks, e-mail, and chat.

The cost-effective solution is easy to integrate with Salesforce and third-party apps, facilitating collaboration with users and clients. supports workflow automation and provides multi-lingual support and synchronization between sales and customer support.

With an overwhelming number of help desk software solutions, it is difficult to choose the right fit for your business. If you are wondering which software is the best help desk for your IT needs, you can rely on the ITQlick experts to make software recommendations to help you improve your business operations and succeed. We will match you with top software vendors that offer affordable solutions at the best price and fit your exact IT business needs.