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Your company’s customer service is a crucial part of the business strategy. It can be the key to writing the success story of your business. It is here that you can depend on help desk software solutions to quickly address crises and issues at the customer end. With a reliable help desk solution, your business can efficiently manage ongoing IT duties, including managing workflow and saving through automation.

Properly implemented help desk solutions can change the face of your business, automate issue triaging, minimize work lags from unresolved tech issues, identify and resolve recurring issues, reduce manpower cost, and provide transparency at every level, from problem tracking to resolution.

When Here are the top 5 help desk solutions:


Looking for a faster and better way to engage and interact with customers? Zendesk can be the answer to turning customer interactions into lasting relationships. Flexible, reliable, and scalable, the SaaS-based customer service support platform is designed to help you with desk ticketing and issue tracking, helping facilitate customer interactions through email, phone, and social media. Automated workflow is a key feature of the help desk solution that comes integrated with Salesforce and Google Apps and supports many other integrations with third-party solutions.

Cons: Zendesk lacks certain features that are available with some help desk software.


Designed with a user-friendly portal, FreshDesk caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes when it comes to handling customer relationships. Staff can create tickets through email or the FreshDesk interface, which is quite easy to use. The feature-rich, highly customizable portal offers good search functionality and documentation.

Quick to set up, the cloud-based customer support solution handles customer information and data through feedback and support ticket requests. Time tracking, self-service, multi-channel support, smart automation, and a helpdesk ticketing system are some of the features of FreshDesk.

Cons: There is no control over sending and CCing of emails on each email.


The web-based solution is designed to organize customer data, requests, reports, invoices, and billings. The intuitive, all-in-one help desk tool provides complete visibility to field staff so that users can spend more time on core business without worrying about organizing customer requests and improving business efficiency.

Easy to use, MHelpdesk keeps the communication and interactions strong and helps manage billing & invoices efficiently. Work order management, contact management, and field service management are some of the key features of the tool, so users can work smarter and more efficiently.

Cons: The tool lacks an accounting integration feature.


If you are looking for an easy-to-customize solution, SimpleDesk can come in handy.  The fully integrated ticket-based software is quick to download and easy to access online. The highly customizable help desk solution sends notification emails to forum participants, which helps them stay connected, especially if they are looking for a response.

SimpleDesk is a simple-to-use tool that allows file attachments as an additional service, making customers feel valued. Customers can make the most of unlimited chat sessions and get a quick response to their queries.

Cons: The application is a little slower compared to some other help desk solutions available.


Looking for an all-in-one solution that caters to the needs of clients and users? TeamSupport can fit your requirements well. With an extensive list of features, the help desk solution provides an even experience for customers and users alike. The array of tools offered by the help desk software helps streamline the entire customer support process for you.

TeamSupport helps in seamless management of proper ticketing and keeps help desk staff available to respond to priority tickets. Easy to learn and use, TeamSupport saves you time and money on training of staff. Additionally, the fast and effective help desk solution is quick to implement, helping enhance customer interactions and improve the entire process.

Cons: There is still room for improvement as far as third-party integrations are concerned.

The overwhelming number of help desk solutions is certain to make choice difficult for you. Worry not! ITQlick team can help you shortlist solutions that can help easily organize customer inquiries into tickets, assign tickets to relevant staff, prioritize tickets on the basis of their urgency, and aggregate customer inquiries from emails and the support portals.

Allow our efficient team to help you choose the help desk software that is meant for you that can improve customer interactions and improve the overall customer experience. Leverage our huge database and knowledge to find the right tool to grow, improve, and succeed in business while forging and strengthening the customer relationship.

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