Top 5 HR Software for Large Businesses

As competition continues to grow in the business environment, more and more companies realize that in order to be successful, they need to have an effective system that obtains the best talent, adequately rewards it, and ensures its retention for the benefit of the company. In this regard, Human Resources (HR) software supports HR departments by assisting them in key areas such as recruitment and retention strategies, employee compensation, performance and rewards, payroll processing, and attendance and leave management.

At ITQlick we view large businesses as encountering a key challenge in effectively managing, developing, and rewarding a large resource base. This is why we see our main task as helping these companies find the right HR solution that can manage and retain key talent for driving future business growth.

We look to recommend the best HR solutions by considering factors such as pricing, depth of available functionality, software investment requirements, and the return on investment that the software provides to businesses. We have reviewed a number of HR solutions and some of our best recommendations include the following.

1. Vista HRMS

The Vista HRMS solution can scale to any large business requirement. Its features include HR, recruitment and benefits, time and attendance, payroll, workflow management, and self-service portals. The solution can be deployed on-premise, hosted, or as a cloud-based subscription service which is beneficial for a company looking for a deployment option that is suitable for their needs.

However, Vista HRMS is configured only for the U.S. & Canada and cannot handle other global HR standards. Therefore it is not suited for organizations looking at global HR implementation.

2. UltiPro Workplace

Ultipro offers a complete HR suite that covers core HR, benefits, and payroll, along with talent acquisition and management, time and attendance with timeclock devices, and compensation and performance management. In addition, it supports tax administration and compliance, as well as provides both employee and manager self-service portals.

The software is offered as an on-premise and cloud-based subscription service and is mobile device access ready. Finally, Ultipro supports global HR implementations and is scalable for any size of business, making it well suited for those companies looking for a comprehensive HR solution.

3. Vibe HCM

Vibe HCM provides core HR functions and supports talent acquisition, onboarding, and succession planning, as well as social collaboration between employees and managers with self-service portals. There is also support for payroll and benefits management, real-time data analytics on HR performance and operations, and a focus on performance and enhancement of HR services in the organization, including an HR knowledge base, and a real-time HR inquiry facility.

Vibe HCM is offered as a cloud-based subscription service and can support any size of business. This solution is ideal for companies looking at social HR that encourages engagement with employees while ensuring rapid delivery of HR services to both the organization and employees at the same time.

4. Lumesse ETWeb

Lumesse ETWeb is offered as an on-premise, hosted, and cloud-based solution, and is also accessible via mobile devices. Its features include core HR functions, performance and compensation management, learning management, career and succession planning, as well as skills and competency review.

It is scalable for any enterprise requirement and offers business intelligence tools for detailed HR analytics and reporting. Lumesse ETWeb also supports global implementations for compliance with local HR standards and offers a high degree of customization to match the business requirements. These are important advantages for a large enterprise requiring a comprehensive yet flexible HR solution.

5. Interact HRMS

Interact HRMS supports recruitment and hiring, compensation and benefits management, leave and time management, and payroll. It offers HR solutions designed for Medical and Research organizations that match the specific requirements of these sectors, as well as support for global HR requirements with local standards compliance.

Additionally, Interact HRMS also provides business intelligence tools with KPIs for HR performance monitoring. Interact HRMS is available as an on-premise, hosted, or cloud-based subscription service, and offers a free trial of the product. In terms of integration with third-party software, Interact HRMS can be easily incorporated into an existing IT framework. All these are important considerations for large businesses which want flexible deployment strategies and options to leverage their existing software infrastructure.

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