Top 5 LMS Software for Large Businesses


For large businesses, employee training is required to ensure that their workforce continues to develop their skills in order to meet the ever growing requirements of a competitive business environment. These days training can be delivered in a variety of ways and not just through instructor led courses, these include readymade e-learning platforms, virtual classrooms, skills assessment and even remote on the job training.

In order to manage these diverse training needs these companies need a dedicated learning management system or LMS to automate and track these activities so that they can get a better return on investment. With a LMS in place this will lead to a better trained and more effective workforce.

Yet choosing a LMS for a large business can be a difficult task given the wide variety of options currently available. At ITQlick we aim to help companies with this by evaluating the many vendors, considering a number of important factors.

These include the scope of learning delivery options available and the compatibility of the learning content with leading training standards. Additionally we have reviewed technology & software needs as well as integration options, and also considered whether the product is flexible to meet the changing requirements of diverse workforces.

Finally given that many large businesses operate globally we have also checked how well the LMS meets multi-cultural training needs. Thus from this review we recommend the following solutions.

1. SuccessFactors

Successfactors is built on the SAP platform and therefore offers large businesses the opportunity to integrate to SAP’s full enterprise solution portfolio. It has a learning module that supports social learning through the SAP JAM social network platform. Learning content is easily available through both a cloud based solution and mobile devices, and training can be customized to meet specific user requirements.

There is support for configurable testing & assessments as well as integration to external training programs for enhanced development. Finally companies can offer their customized training courses on a paid basis to other parties to provide a better return on investment on their training development programs.

2. Sage HRMS

This product does not focus on the development of customized training content, but has a growing library of readymade e-learning courses & certification tracks that can be applied to a variety of requirements. Training can be delivered both on an individual online basis and through social learning using its collaboration platform.

There is also an option for in-house testing & review which can be utilized for performance appraisal. For large businesses that do not have specialized training requirements, Sage HRMS offers a good option to be considered.

3. Epicor HCM

Epicor HCM is beneficial for large businesses that are looking to leverage on one enterprise solution provider. The training & development module maps each employee with their job profile requirements and their current skills & qualifications as well as job performance. Based on this it either recommends a training program for further development, or flags HR to recommend career advancement.

Additionally the product supports training scheduling & alert management for better delivery to employees. The product does not currently support customized learning, but integrates with third party learning programs to meet training development requirements.

4. Sapien HRMS

This is another focused HR solution which is hosted and has a training administration module. This seeks to perform a detailed gap analysis between current skills & job requirements, and then suggest training programs to address this gap. Sapien HRMS can accommodate both internal & external training programs, scheduling, testing as well as appraisals & performance reviews.

Another good feature is its support for HR reviews of career development & planning which seeks more focused training programs. For large businesses that need a good HR system with learning management, Sapien HRMS provides a good option.

5. Vibe HCM

Vibe HCM is an HR solution built on a social collaboration platform. It includes a Talent module which has a learning & development option that focuses on continuous learning and career development in the organization. The product is structured around talent profiles which detail job skills & qualifications which can identify both training & advancement opportunities.

Training can be delivered through social training communities, internal programs, as well as external third parties. There is a linkage to compensation as well, for training development support, and bonuses for successful completion. Vibe HCM can give large businesses a LMS that is a cloud based solution, easily configurable with a low investment and can be integrated to its existing software infrastructure.