Your Employees Need Training? Top 5 LMS Software for SMBs


Development of employees through learning & training programs is an important function in any organization. The delivery of these programs in electronic form through software is known as e-learning and the development, administration, control and provision of these e-learning courses comprises a learning management system or LMS.

For growing companies which view their resources as business enablers, investment for skills improvement and job enhancement as embodied by an LMS will only seek to improve the development of talent in their organizations, and thus their overall business growth.

In order to decide on an LMS a number of factors need to be considered. These include extent of e-learining courses provided; ease of customization, testing requirements, and the ability to handle the requirements of a growing workforce.

Additionally the infrastructure needed to setup the LMS needs to be considered, the type of technology needed and the investment requirement. Finally, inclusion of the latest trends in the industry needs to be looked at as well. Based on this review of many vendors, we at ITQlick can recommend the following solutions.

1. SuccessFactors

This product is a cloud based HR solution which is dedicated to SMBs, and is scalable, to expand to larger enterprise requirements. Its learning module includes e-learning courses, instructor led & virtual training courses, job training with mentor support, and in depth expert training for job improvement.

There is support for social learning through a social network platform with additional access through mobile devices. Learning content, exams & assessments can be easily developed & customized, with analytics targeted towards learning & performance. SuccessFactors is a good option for SMBs looking for a comprehensive learning platform.

2. Sage HRMS

Sage provides a leading ERP solution which includes an HRMS module. This includes a training & education module which is provided as a hosted solution, with support for training workflows to map student focused course development.

Additionally there is support for social learning as part of teams and all assessments are linked to performance & appraisal reviews as well. Sage also has an extensive library of ready training solutions that cover leadership, management, safety & compliance, business development and technical & skills certifications.

While it does not allow for customized training content, this is a good solution if SMBs are looking to leverage on an integrated enterprise solution platform.

3. Epicor HCM

Epicor is another enterprise solution provider which has a Human Capital Management module. This solution has a training and development module which reviews resource competency by evaluating current job skills, certifications, training and achievement, then relating it to the job profile.

Based on this, learning development programs are developed to improve performance & ability. There is an alert system to advise employees when learning programs become available, classification to ensure required training is completed, and class scheduling to maximize attendance and training delivery.

Finally a good feature for SMBs is the real-time communication of training completion and improved qualifications so that the HR department can recommend employees for career advancement opportunities.

4. PeopleMatter

Peoplematter offers a dedicated Learn module which includes a large library of free e-learning courses for productivity & industry skills development, and an option to create customized courses with tests & assessment reviews. Additionally courses can be linked to third party training content to improve course delivery and is compatible with industry learning standards.

Training can be delivered via the web or mobile devices and there is a detailed analytics tool for performance review of both candidates and training delivery. There are also real-time dashboards which can be reviewed by management to see learning status & employee development progress.

This is a good solution for SMBs that need a flexible learning platform which also offers an open learning content delivery platform.

5. SutiHR

SutiHR has a training module which is focused on third party training delivery. It has a detailed course listing, scheduling options, as well as performance evaluation through test & assessment tracking.

This product does not offer customized training delivery and instead focuses on providing SMBs a range of training options that the company can subscribe for. However it does allow for in house evaluation to check on learning effectiveness and determines if further development or training needs are required.

SutiHR is suited for SMBs who are not looking at managing the learning content, but just need the scheduling and assessment components of an LMS.