Top 5 Medical Billing Software

Medical billing software is the need of the hour for healthcare units. It helps medical facilities automate repetitive and error-prone billing tasks, provide up-to-date reports on collections, verify insurance claims, code claims, and post payments.

With hundreds of medical billing software tools available, it might be a challenge to find the right solution for your healthcare facility. Medical office billing tools are designed to electronically facilitate claims submission, post payments, and generate advanced reports.

Popular Medical Billing Software

  1. Eclipse

ECLIPSE is a medical billing solution designed with such capabilities as customized documentation, patient and physician scheduling, and electronic claims management.

With HIPPA certified electronic claims management system, the tool facilitates the task of scheduling, billing, document management, alerts, notifications, and reminders. The software can quickly display multiple patient files without undoing previous activity, thus helping save time and money and improving workflow.

With Eclipse, doctors can directly update patient folders right in the treatment room. Additionally, the easy-to-use tool makes it easier to edit appointments and patient-specific data.


Whether you are a small medical unit or a large healthcare organization, you face almost the same challenges. To achieve greater efficiency and accountability and automate routine processes, HPLUSPRO can be the right tool for you.

Manage patient records in a hassle-free manner. Streamline business processes and effectively manage medical billing processes with this tool and improved controls.

The easy-to-customize medical billing solution is the best tool to manage the smooth running of medical practice. The tool speeds up the billing process while improving entry accuracy at each level.

The time-saving features, such as work queues, help improve the efficiency of staff. Free your staff from routine paperwork by giving them powerful automated tools. HPLUSPRO enables you to automate the submission of secondary insurance after the primary payment.

  1. MedLook

The web-based medical billing software is secure and easily accessible. The flexible and cost-efficient tool can take care of your in-house medical billing.  MedLook is easy to use, customize, and navigate via menus, button bars, folders, and shortcuts.

The drag-and-drop functionality along with shortcuts makes MedLook one of the best user-friendly medical billing tools available. It is highly flexible and users can easily customize grids for colors, grouping, fonts, and sorting. Users can process papers and file claims simultaneously and check detailed transaction views.

  1. Nextech

If you are looking for a tool to easily generate bills from your electronic medical records and maximize revenue, you can rely on Nextech.

The integrated healthcare solution empowers specialty physicians to maximize efficiency, optimize charting and increase practice profitability. The intuitive, integrated solution is the best tool for physicians to enhance staff efficiency, streamline patient records, and optimize charting, thus improving patient satisfaction and boosting the practice’s profitability.

With Nextech, medical staff and healthcare service providers can optimize everyday operations, boost workflow efficiency, and improve productivity. This includes scheduling and billing for the front office and back office, respectively. The end-to-end solution facilitates the task to control workflow and streamline patient records.

Nextech enables better patient engagement and fosters communication between different departments and patients with automated outreach and reminders.

  1. Easy Medical Billing Professional

The cutting-edge medical billing software caters to the needs of medical clients, ranging from physical therapy to chiropractic, pathology labs, and surgical assistants. With its affordable medical billing packages, the tool features ICD-10 coding and complies with 5010 e-submission requirements.

Easy Billing Professional comes complete with a range of features, including electronic billing capability, the ability to include an unlimited number of billing entities, eligibility tracking, and auto-payment posting. It also comes with an integrated scheduler and the ability to generate electronic or paper statements.

Allow your patients to fill out their demographics with this cutting-edge tool, thus reducing the risk of data entry errors. This surely makes for an efficient tool for the front desk.

Bottom Line

With each medical billing software tool claiming to be the best, you might be overwhelmed with choices. It is confusing to pick one tool that fits your business requirements fully, especially when you are facing time constraints to do so. Worry not!

At ITQlick, we pride ourselves on being the leading software consultants for clients that are struggling to find the best technology for their business. With decades of experience and a huge database of software solutions, we can guide you through the process.

We will lead you in the right direction so you can find the right practice management solution for your healthcare facility and continue to provide the best medical service for patients.

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