Top 5 Medical Practice Management Software


Medical practice management software has assumed prime importance in the field of healthcare. Medical facilities use the software to run and manage their business, harnessing this cutting-edge technology to submit claims, schedule appointments, generate monthly reports, register patients, manage charge capture, record patient demographics, and perform billing procedures. The innovative solution can dramatically improve clinical workflow efficiency and increase reimbursements from insurance companies.

Here are top medical practice management software:

1. NueMD

A cloud-based healthcare practice management solution, NueMD offers a full suite of services with robust billing capabilities, ensuring prompt filing and reimbursement of claims. An easy-to-use program, NueMD works great for a startup practice, facilitating the task of billing even for facilities dealing with multiple specialties.  The program scores heavily on its functionality and ease of use and navigation aspects. What’s more, it is delivered over a secure connection, which offers you ultimate peace of mind that your details are safe from security risks. Besides charting, NueMD features secure fax management, lab report tracking, and e-prescribing.

Learning the new software may be a pain, but with online guidance and training support available at a click, the system becomes a breeze to use.

2. Kareo

The cloud-based software, Kareo is an easy to set up and user-friendly solution, which comes integrated with automated claims processing and makes everything, from scheduling to claims reporting and processing easier. The flexible solution helps simplify and streamline operations and makes it easier for you to seamlessly connect and engage with patients. Designed as a plug-and-play solution that can be up and running anywhere anytime, the software enables you to receive electronic insurance payments, verify insurance eligibility, schedule appointments, send electronic claims, store documents online, manage collections, and print custom reports.

The implementation process may seem overwhelming initially, but with practice and continued use, you can get the hang of how the system works.

3. Office Practicum

Designed as an integrated electronic health record and medical practice management solution, Office Practicum is a full suite of useful features to facilitate the task of clinical documentation management, appointment scheduling, and examination room billing. The easy-to-use pediatric-specific solution ensures effortless scheduling and cleaner claims, with its array of features, such as growth charts, vaccination report, birth history, immunization, adolescent confidentiality, and well visits. As one of the top medical practice management software tools, Office Practicum connects you with a virtual community of pediatricians, facilitating collaboration and making the software even more valuable.

Reporting can be made better with added features to secure loss of data when exporting to Excel format.

4. Medios EHR

The web-based medical practice management software is a fully customizable and flexible HIPAA-compliant medical solution. The mobile-friendly tool features e-Prescription module, appointment scheduling, real-time data tracking and reporting, automatic labs and refill, and integrated meaningful use dashboard that ensures compliance with ONC standards. With an intuitive interface, the software is designed to keep control over revenue cycle, payment scheduling, billing, and claim processing. The software is routinely updated to ensure compliance with industry standards. The reliable and easy-to-customize software features a Patient Portal with updates for allergies, prescription medications, and appointment requests, among others.

The setup process may take some time, but with the support and guidance of the Medios customer service staff, you can overcome the hurdles easily and implement the solution to improve operational efficiency of your medical practice.

5. VelociDoc

A certified Meaningful Use solution, VelociDoc by Practice Velocity Software offers point-and-click functionality to enable comprehensive documentation of systematic coding for urgency care practice. Featuring AnticiPlate Technology, the fully integrated web-based practice management solution facilitates the task of documentation, medical billing, medical coding, charting, revenue cycle management, patient scheduling, and financial reports. An industry leading solution for medical practices, the HIPAA Compliant software enables automated medical coding for primary care practices, occupational medicine clinics, and outpatient specialty physicians to obtain real-time results and enhance efficiency of their practice.

Cons: The overall look of the system may be a little overwhelming at first but with practice, it is no longer a problem. Besides, the software is constantly updated that may lead to too many sudden changes, which may be confusing for users.

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