Top 5 Medical Software Companies

Top 6 Behavioral Health Software
Top 6 Behavioral Health Software

Better quality of patient care, greater operational efficiency, and higher practice profitability are the goals of any medical facility. By installing a medical software solution, you can optimize your healthcare services, provide better patient care, and manage clinical and administrative functions. These solutions have been designed to automate healthcare process, including patient scheduling, billing, patient managing patient records & history, and prescribing medication.

Here are top 5 medical software companies:

  1. MediTouch

The web-based electronic health record solution is designed to handle your everyday tasks in your medical facility, from front office scheduling to charting, sending claims, electronic prescribing, medication management, document and order management, allergy checks, and lab tests. With MediTouch, it is easy to execute billing process.

Easy to configure and customize, MediTouch comes with a patient portal, quality reporting features, patient reporting, and allergy list management. The software solution is iPad compatible and works natively on iPad Minis. The company has been providing healthcare solutions since 1998, designing intuitive products that are easy to use for beginners and experts alike.

Cons: Template database on the interface is limited.

  1. NueMD

The web-based practice management solution is designed with robust medical billing capabilities to help users focus on their core business, that is, patient care, while NueMD takes care of practice management and billing operations. The solution takes care of backups or servers, ensuring all healthcare records are updated in real time. It is an integrated suite of medical software tools that makes integrated appointment scheduling, electronic health recording, medical billing, and practice management easier for healthcare facilities.

The company has its own claims clearing house, which ensures quick and proper filing and reimbursement of claims. It promises robust functionality for clinical workflows and makes reporting, lab report tracking, and e-prescribing a breeze.

Cons: There aren’t options to view monthly or weekly schedule.

  1. Benchmark

The feature-rich medical practice management solution comes with an array of capabilities to make patient care easier than ever before. Some of the key features of the medical software include practice management, electronic record management, claims management, accounting and billing management, reporting, and patient scheduling. A product of Benchmark Systems Inc, Benchmark is your go-to solution for scheduling services, which features automatic reminders, appointment management, employee scheduling, billing and invoicing, facility scheduling, and rules-based scheduling.

With Benchmark, you do not have to look for another system for billing management, as it offers capabilities for claims processing & management, accounting integration, patient billing, electronic statements, and reporting. It also offers support for document management, email integration, website integration, and user interface.

Cons:  Loaded with features, Benchmark interface may appear little complex for new users.

  1. AthenaClinicals

The practice management solution is loaded with an array of features, from scheduling to billing, practice management, inventory management, physical scheduling, electronic records, and claims management. For efficient billing management, AthenaClinicals makes billing streamlined, with its inpatient care billing and emergency department billing features. Easy to customize, the medical software facilitates document management, customizable reporting, appointment management, expense tracking, custom user interface, and data import and export.

In simple terms, if you are looking for a medical software solution to manage orders, review schedule and patient information, and view lab results, AthenaClinicals can come in handy. The electronic medical records solution offers a patient portal to schedule appointments, review history, and sign forms.

Cons: It has a clumsy search tool, which makes it tough to search old records.

  1. Electronic medical assistant

If you are a startup or a small business looking for a robust practice management tool for your medical facility, Electronic Medical Assistant is what you should get your hands on. The medical software automates most of the documentation process. Easy to customize, this EMR solution comes with an adaptive learning engine that can easily match with your style of practice, automatically learn your preferences, and thus reduce documentation time.

Some of its standout features include patient history management, virtual exam room, summarized E/M components, image management for ophthalmic workflow, and touch-based interface support.  It has a dedicated mobile app to cater to the requirements of iOS users.

The medical software solution is just perfect for dermatology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and cosmetic surgery.

Cons: It is difficult to update.

If you run a medical practice, you know the importance of storing all the medical and patient records. You need a tool to track, manage, and monitor patient records, and prescriptions. It is here that a reliable medical software solution can come in handy. With the market flooded with software tools, you may find it challenging to choose the best EMR solution for your healthcare facility. At ITQlick, you can find the solution to your problem. We are software specialists, with proven knowledge and experience in the industry. Count on us to make the best electronic medical records solution recommendations for your specific facility.