Top 5 Mistakes in Choosing Your Business Phone System


A business phone system is a critical part of the day-to-day business operations. Besides connecting you to the outside world, it shapes your business image and helps boost sales.

Statistics reveal that a small business misses 40% of its sales-related calls on average.

In the increasingly competitive marketplace, if you choose to neglect your business phone system, you run the risk of losing important business calls. By choosing the right phone system, you can avoid mistakes that could otherwise cost your business dear.

1. Choosing To Go With Your Home Provider

Just because you have used the services of a local service provider before doesn’t mean you should stick with it and not look beyond the domestic telecommunication market. Most small businesses choose to go with a service provider they’ve used before. And it is here that they make the biggest mistake when it comes to choosing an affordable business phone solution.

You cannot afford to settle for inferior calling services providers; rather need a phone system that not only makes you look professional, but also gives you tools to manage important communications and fulfils all of your commercial communications requirements.


Look beyond the standard service providers and traditional PBX systems and consider cloud-based phone solutions that can be easily adjusted with the growth of your business. Such reliable business telecommunication systems come complete with many user-friendly features to run your business. These cost-effective telecommunication services save you setup and maintenance costs of Plain Old Telephone Service. The choice of a vendor or service provider will determine the success of your business communication system.

2. Placing cost before quality of services


Your commercial phone line is the lifeline of your business. It would be a big mistake to focus on price and equate the lowest fee with the best deal. Some businesses are so focused on the installation cost of a new phone system that they forget to calculate the future maintenance and upgrade cost.


The maintenance and upgradation of PBX phone system can become a big drain on your resources. Explore all the available options, including traditional, hybrid, and cloud and the overall cost associated with these solutions. You are looking for an affordable business phone solution that offers you the best deal at a cost-effective price. For example, a solution is available at a high price but doesn’t require any further hardware or software investment, reducing maintenance cost. All in all, make sure you consider installation, maintenance, and upgrade costs of a system and calculate the overall cost of ownership.

3. Ignoring Customer Experience

customer-experienceA happy customer would bring you more business. Your commitment to providing the best customer experience would be viewed from the type of business phone system chosen by you. A telecommunication system is more than connecting with the outside world. It is the best way to invite prospective customers to connect with you from anywhere around the globe. So you want to give them the best experience when they initiate contact.


Don’t buy until you test drive! It will help to test a short listed phone system from the perspective of a customer during and after business hours. Of course, you do not want them to keep waiting for their turn to connect with you. Consider the growing needs of your customers and how you would offer a better service to customers from a cloud-based solution compared to a traditional phone system.

4. Underestimating Business Growth

Growth is unpredictable. It is difficult to estimate how your business may grow up in the coming months and years. As a result, you may end up underestimating business growth rate. Choosing a traditional system that does not growth with your business can be a costly mistake.


Select a flexible telecommunication solution that can scale up with your expanding business needs. t is crucially important to choose a phone system with the features that match up with your operational needs.

For example, if your employees in different locations or in transit need to keep in regular phone contact with the head office, you must have a phone system appropriate to these demands. The more flexible and dynamic the phone system, the better it can handle existing requirements and accommodate future needs.

Avoid choosing a system that involves making massive investments in hardware initially. You may want to avoid entering into long-term contracts, which lock you into unnecessary services.

5. Not Evaluating Your Present Needs

Do you have road-warrior employees? Does your business phone system meet the needs of your remote staff and facilitate all of your business processes? Most businesses wrongly evaluate their needs before choosing a telecommunication solution.


Take time to do an evaluation of your exact needs. Examine whether your prospective phone system is equipped with the features to meet those needs. Look for a solution that accommodates all of your business needs.

The ITQlick team can help you choose the most affordable business phone solution for small business that best fits your company needs.