Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Lead Management Solution


In today’s competitive marketplace, it is crucial for marketers to engage customers and prospects across different channels and nurture leads. One smart way of doing so is to invest in a robust lead management solution that efficiently tracks and manages your leads and customers. Since the efficiency of your lead process has a direct impact on the health of your sales funnel, you cannot choose just any lead management system; rather, need the right one.

When it comes to choosing lead management solution, make sure you avoid the mistakes some businesses tend to make during selection of the tool.

1. Ease of use

Of course, you need a tool which is easy to use and intuitive. You do not want to invest your time and money on a system that is too complex and complicated to navigate through. Some companies end up investing in systems that have them jumping through hoops to get the desired information.

When it comes to choosing a lead management solution, make sure you examine the system’s interface and capabilities to find out how easy it is to leverage these. Invest in a system, which is easy to use and capable to track and record prospect activity in real time. The information can be used effectively in more ways than one to convert leads into sales by your marketing team, instead of spending time following up on cold leads.

2. Not focusing on automation

Some solutions do not feature automation. This means you may forget to follow-up on leads, thus losing opportunities to convert leads into sales. While your sales teams understand the importance of a prompt follow-up, they’re too busy to prioritize the task. As a result, you may lose valuable leads.

AdviceLook for a lead management system that enables automation and personalization. As a result, you can easily automate appropriate follow-ups for specific situations and get regular touch points with each of the prospects. The system’s tasking and workflow capabilities should alert the appropriate staff at specific times to initiate action on the lead, ensuring that the next steps are being notified to the members concerned at appropriate times.

3. Retrieval of data and information

When choosing lead management solution, you want to make sure that the lead data should be easy to retrieve. Ease of retrieval and data entry is crucial to converting leads into sales.

Unfortunately, some organizations pay least attention to this aspect and make the biggest lead management selection mistakes in choosing a product that is too complicated to retrieve data.

Imagine a prospective client calling back to clarify on the resolution of their issue only to find that the customer care executive they are speaking to has no record of the earlier conversation. Will that prospect come back?

Ease of retrieval and data entry is crucial to converting leads into sales.

Contrarily, being able to quickly retrieve data of all the previous communication will reflect well on the efficiency and professionalism of your business, giving the prospect an idea as to how their project will progress if your company is selected for business.

4. Integration with existing business software

Most companies do not pay attention to the integration aspect when choosing lead management system. Any new software that does not integrate with existing processes is redundant for the business as a whole.

You want a system that integrates with the existing software and facilitates the task of importing and exporting data, without the need for manual work. When the lead is progressing to proper engagement with the marketing staff, having to re-enter the detail already collected may prove to be a nuisance.

It is important that you choose a system with robust import/export functionality so that leads and staff do not have to input the same data again. This will help reduce data entry time and errors when data moves to and fro between systems.

system data

5. Scalability

When looking for a lead management system, some businesses choose simple tools with lead tracking ability, considering only their present needs, without paying attention to the flexibility or scalability aspect.

As a result, the product is not able to evolve with the business. It is critical that you choose a system that is scalable and can provide you with the same results as your business grows and expands.

It may help to invest in a product with additional capabilities beyond your present day needs, including email marketing, marketing automation, workflow, among others, to ensure constant alignment with your requirements.

Wondering how to choose lead management system? Worry not! We can help you select the right system that is flexible and has the right features to work for your business.