Top 5 Project Management Software for Large Businesses

Smartsheet Vs. Trello
Smartsheet Vs. Trello

Today’s business environment applies project management in almost every sector where optimal resource utilization leads to timely product or service delivery and maximal profitability. Consequently, the complexity of managing projects has grown with advances in technology, increased customer demand and higher quality requirements.

Thus, many organizations have to rely on project management software that seek to optimize resource allocation, efficiently manage projects to ensure timely delivery, and ensuring that budgets are met without cost overruns.

At ITQlick we understand that large businesses need powerful project management software that not only can handle multiple projects efficiently, but are also focused on revenue realization, expenditures, and successful delivery.

When looking to recommend solutions for large businesses, we have considered a number of key factors, such as depth of available functionality, adequate scalability features, required type of technology investment, accessibility to users, and compliance with current and future business requirements. Our best recommendations below were derived from a review based on those factors.

1. Wrike

Wrike is a cloud-based solution that also includes a free product trial. It is scalable for any size of business, and is built on a collaboration platform that allows sharing of information, knowledge transfer and tracking work in real-time. Wrike project management features include, task and resource management, with a central command for unifying all projects under one console, and advanced analytics for monitoring project and team performance. Additionally Wrike supports an API for easy integration to third party software. This solution is an ideal option for large businesses that rely heavily on project collaboration.

2. Mavenlink

Mavenlink can provide large businesses with a scalable solution that can adapt to changing project requirements. This software is offered as a cloud-based solution, and is mobile device access ready. Mavenlink features include resource management, project billing and templates, financial management, and budgeting and planning.

It supports an API for integration to many third party software, and an option for integration with Google Apps, a very attractive feature for many large businesses that are looking for enterprise solutions. Mavelink can also benefit large businesses with its ability to manage multiple projects seamlessly, while also allowing customization for meeting specific business requirements.

3. Clarizen

Clarizen is a comprehensive cloud-based project management software that includes task and resource management, project budgeting and planning, time and expense management, and project risk analysis.  Clarizen is tailored based on functional requirements, an important aspect which is beneficial for large businesses, they can implement the system in any team that utilizes services and project managers, such as IT departments, professional services, and marketing.

Clarizen is easily customizable and can be molded to match the requirements of large businesses while also integrating easily with third party software using its API toolkit. This is a good solution for large businesses looking for a scalable product that can adapt to internal project requirements, while also incorporating the best practices for their functional needs.

4. Sciforma

Sciforma supports all major project management methodologies which is an advantage for large businesses with versatile activity. This solution is available for implementation in the information technology, new product development, and the professional services automation sectors.

Its features include project and resource management, project budgeting and risk management, as well as time and expense management. Additional supported functionality includes a portfolio management process that tracks project business cases, analyzes investments and reviews capacity planning, and rich reporting capabilities with dashboards and KPI analysis.  Sciforma offers flexibility in terms of customization and an open API for integration with third party software, and offering both an on-premise or cloud-based deployment model.

5. Virtual Program Management Office

Virtual Program Management Office provides large businesses a complete project lifecycle management suite that includes portfolio management for feasibility analysis, a project delivery center for managing projects, a project continuum module for post project support, additional resource management and help desk support modules, and a comprehensive project knowledge repository.

Virtual Program Management Office is focused on medium and large enterprises and is offered as a cloud based solution with a subscription model. It offers large businesses the option to manage unlimited multiple projects along with customization options for meeting business requirements.