Top 5 Project Management Software for Startups

Project Management
Project Management

A successful project is one that is delivered on time while meeting its objectives and producing a profit. Project Management is the process of scheduling tasks and allocating them to available resources for achieving certain project objectives in a timely manner while retaining profitability.

Companies that are operating on a project basis have turned to project management methodologies for optimizing task management and fulfilling goals with correct resource allocation. There are many methodologies that can be applied across industries, but their increasing complexity resulted in the development of a variety of software solutions, intended for automating project management processes.

At ITQlick we understand that there is myriad of project management tools available, and the choice of the right solution that optimally fits the specific requirements of your organization is a critical decision. Specifically for a startup company that is looking to establish a project management process that will ensure business profitability.

In order to best choose solutions for startup companies we have evaluated some key factors in our review process. These include price competitiveness, available functionality, technology requirements and investment needs, software scalability, and adaptability to business & industry requirements and best practices.

Based on our review of many project management solutions some of our best recommendations include the following.

1. Vorex Project Management Suite

Vorex offers startups the ability to manage an unlimited number of projects and activities. It includes features for project budgeting and planning, resource and skills management, project forecasting, and collaboration tools.

Vorex allows startups to invoice and realize revenue from projects, as well as provide financial management tools to control cost allocations. Additional functionality includes a variety of reporting tools which can be linked to customizable KPIs.

It is a cloud-based and mobile device access ready solution that comes with a free trial which is suitable for startups looking to check the software with their business requirements. Vorex is a scalable solution, thus being able to adapt to an evolving startup company.

2. Project Drive

Project Drive is a project management solution that includes functionality such as cost and revenue management, resource scheduling and utilization, billing and time management, workflows, and multiple projects management.

It features detailed reporting options that include dashboards, and can be easily customized for meeting specific business requirements.  Project Drive is offered as a cloud based or onsite hosted solution with a subscription model and also provides a free trial period.

The software is scalable for any size of business and provides a number of industry specific solutions, an important factor for startups looking for quick setup and operation.

3. Mavenlink

Mavenlink integrates project management, financials and planning, budgeting, along with resource, time, and expense management. It is offered as a cloud-based solution which also supports access via mobile devices.

This solution provides project managers with a single platform that manages multiple projects, embeds project management plans, stores standard project billing rates and templates, and provides real-time analytics for measuring both project and resource performance.

Its collaboration portal allows sharing activities, project work and documentation.  Mavenlink integrates with a variety of Google Apps such as Calendar, Contacts and Tasks, and includes an API for integration with third party software. In summary, this is a reasonably priced yet scalable solution that can be compatible with any startup’s requirements.

4. Clarizen

Clarizen is a cloud-based scalable solution that offers startups a number of functionality based editions targeted at project managers, IT teams, professional services, marketing, and Agile project development teams.

It includes task and resource management, risk and expense management, project planning, and rich reporting options with dashboards, as well as social collaboration features.  Clarizen supports comprehensive customization, and APIs for integration with a variety of third party applications.

Its App marketplace includes a variety of add-ons for further enhancing functionality and adjustment to specific organizational needs and processes.  Clarizen is attractive for startups both due to its vast customization abilities and a free trial that allows for evaluating the fit of this solution for company needs before making a commitment.

Not to mention the scalability of this solution which makes it a long-term cost-effective investment that supports the business growth trajectory.

5. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is another cloud based and mobile device access ready project management tool.  This solution supports task and time management, resource assignment, document management, project management plans, as well as collaboration tools through forums and social chat.

Additional functionality includes project knowledge base, project template repository, options for issue and change order tracking, and integration with Google Apps.

Zoho Projects offers a number of pricing editions to match a startup’s requirements, and a basic free edition that includes functionality that supports the management of one project for assessing how well this solution meets company needs.