Top 5 Property Management Software


Keeping track of all of the information about your properties can be a big challenge. Instead of spending your time over a spreadsheet every month, it will help to choose property management software to keep track of orders and vendors, generate invoices, and send emails to renters, among others. Whether your portfolio consists of residential, commercial, or rental properties, these software solutions can come to your rescue.

1. MRI Residential Management

Easy to use, the MRI residential management software comes with multiple solutions to contribute to the success of residential property management organizations. The flexible property management solution can be adapted to the needs of each customer.

Its multifamily suite of solutions helps in the effective management of the entire real estate cycle, including online leasing, renewals, lead qualification and statement of deposit.

All MRI solutions are designed to provide accurate performance details, helping you make timely property decisions. The product also enables you to automate your workflow process across organizational boundaries.

The powerful and flexible property management solution is a perfect product for property managers who are responsible for maintaining thousands of properties. The array of features available with MRI software gives you the freedom to grow, enjoy full control over the properties you manage, and offer dynamic service to clients.

Cons: The facilities management features are a little difficult to use, but their integration with accounting features helps reduce redundancies and lower cost.

2. Buildium

The online property management solution, Buildium enables property managers to have full control of every aspect, such as vacancy, rent, and maintenance cycles. With a clean, intuitive, and user-friendly interface, the premier web-based solution is especially designed for residential properties and associations with a full array of reporting, accounting, and management features.

The well-designed property management software is compatible with most international features, including time-zone specifications, currencies, and culture selection during setup.

Cons: Buildium is designed to generate dozens of reports; however, customization is an issue with this product, as you cannot find any internal report viewer. This means when you generate a report, it must be downloaded and exported in CSV, XLS, and PDF format.

3. PropertyWare

The on-demand software solution is the best property tracking and management solution for residential property managers, including those with condos, multi-family units, and homeowners associations. The scalable solution grows along with the business.

Some of the key functionality features of the solution include marketing processes, portals for tenants/owners, accounting, marketing processes, sites with customization options, and tenant screening among other property management tasks.

It is designed to integrate with QuickBooks – the leading accounting solution – to ensure accuracy in its accounting functionality.

Cons: Customer support is little slow to respond, but PropertyWare has so many positives that this drawback doesn’t hurt much. Moreover, technical support seems to be improving recently.

4. Total Management

A comprehensive, web-based solution, Total Management is designed for all types of organizations that manage apartments, commercial or retail space, and mixed portfolio as well as for single owner managed rental units.

The user-friendly yet robust property management solution features live chat support, employee work order texting, duplicate invoice catcher, and CAM/Tax Reconciliation system. The cohesive and user-friendly system runs smoothly once it has been setup, offering a great value for money with all of the info available at your fingertips.

Setting up the system may be a bit of hassle, but things settle down once it has been installed and property management is a breeze!

5. SimplifyEM

With an intuitive interface, SimplifyEM is a simple, user-friendly property management solution that facilitates property accounting and vendor and bank tracking. The robust accounting package easily tracks recurring charges, helps manage accounts payable and receivable, and tracks entire transactional history.

With SimplifyEM, professional monthly owner statements can be automatically generated and exported to Excel and QuickBooks. It helps create invoices, monitor insurance, and collect online rent payments. Users can access the software anytime anywhere.

Some of the features that come with the software are not of much use for all users, which makes them redundant. However, this doesn’t override the other benefits of the product, nor does it make them less effective.

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