Top 5 Web-Based Electronic Medical Records of 2018


As their name suggests, electronic health records are designed to automate the day-to-day clinical operations of physicians and healthcare providers. The web-based medical records help medical practitioners effectively create, store, and organize medical records of patients, including prescriptions, patient charts, SOAP notes, and lab & test results. These solutions allow seamless sharing of patient information within the health care organization.

1. MediTouch EHR

A complete electronic health record, MediTouch EHR is designed with full customization capabilities and interoperability, helping you send electronic orders to a lab and receive results directly. The electronic medical records software also features ePrescribe, which enables you to send prescriptions to a pharmacy. You can easily customize templates so you can chart the workflow quickly.

The user-friendly, efficient, and easy to navigate product is slow to load sometime, especially when other functions are running simultaneously, which could slow down things a bit. But the benefits of this product very much outnumber the drawback, making it a great product for healthcare facilities and providers.

2. NueMD

With a full suite of administrative and clinical solutions, NueMD is designed with an intuitive platform that adds to its ease of use. The digital medical records software features robust medical billing capabilities, ensuring quick filing and reimbursements of claims. With its own clearinghouse, NueMD facilitates processing of unlimited claims.

The cloud-based system offers robust functionality for clinical workflows, such as charting, lab report tracking, e-prescribing, and secure fax management. NueMD Mobile gives users access to the data on-the-go.

The software requires a long training period, which may delay some other things. But training is of immense benefit. A complete training session ensures using the program is a breeze.

3. PrognoCIS EMR

The fully integrated electronic medical records software is intuitive and enables a healthcare practitioner to easily access patient records, prescribe medications, and document hospital rounds. The software features a powerful prescription analytics tool. The robust solution lets you file electronic claims compliant with HIPAA EDI standards. It also facilitates seamless communication between practice and laboratories, radiology, pharmacies, and doctors.

The product can be integrated with BizMatics’ patient portal services, facilitating the staff to communication laboratory results, appointment dates, and billing needs to patients. A scalable solution, PrognoCIS is designed to suit the needs of healthcare facilities of all sizes, from solo practitioner to multi specialties. An easy to work product, PrognosisCIS offers the capability to integrate it with your existing software and customize templates, making the solution work for your office.

Sometimes it could be hard to use one or two features, but the training manual and personalized training from BizMatics makes using the system easy. It would help to review the manual before actually using the system to make sure you do not face any problems when operating the software.

4. Benchmark

A sophisticated yet easy-to-use web-based medical records software, Benchmark is an integrated suite of features and practice management capabilities that offers technology solutions and support for healthcare providers to streamline the patient process and access patient records. The software serves a wide range of specialties, such as pediatrics, allergy & immunology, internal medicine, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, and general surgery.

With easy access to diagnostic data and patient information, the electronic medical health records system allows physicians to manage time more effectively. The software comes with a user-friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-customize interface, allowing physicians to offer better care to patients and make more informed decisions.

The reporting system could be improved somewhat to make the software even more effective, though the Benchmark executives are always available to help.

5. WRS Health

An easy-to-use and navigate system, WRS Health is a full suite of features designed to enable healthcare professionals to effectively run their whole Practice Enterprise on one platform. The cost-effective and flexible solution offers e-prescribing, medical billing, EHR, order management, patient scheduling, secure faxing, image management, email reminders, disease management, and insurance verification on future patient appointments.

Running reports may be a little challenging for a new user. It may take long to get what you need initially. However, once you have used the web-based electronic medical records software, you will find it a breeze to generate reports.

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