Top 6 Behavioral Health Software

As a mental health professional, you are looking for a behavioral health software tool with robust, well-constructed modules. The best tool should be customized with unique features and capabilities for mental health clinics.

When selecting a mental health electronic medical records (EMR) solution, you should consider a tool that can help improve efficiency and patient care at the facility.

Look for a solution that provides robust workflow management, immediate retrieval of patient history, GAF charts to monitor the severity of a patient’s condition, and detailed billing support.

Behavioral Health Software

  1. Advanced MD

The electronic health record solution is designed to automate workflow from any device. It specializes in independent private clinics and can be easily deployed through the cloud.

Easy to implement, Advanced MD automates several manual tasks, improves patient care experience. It features financial reporting, medical billing, and revenue cycle management capabilities.

What makes AdvancedMD EHR unique is the customizable documentation capabilities with speech and transcription support.  Other features include patient portal, scheduling, user-definable folder for patient history management, image management, multiple file types support, PQRI reporting, and specialty-based services.

Cons: It is compatible only with Internet Explorer, which could be a problem for users of other browsers.

  1. AthenaClinicals

The behavioral health software is an all-in-one suite designed to facilitate practice management, employee scheduling, electronic medical record management, billing and invoicing, and other medical practice services.

The cloud-based EMR comes complete with such capabilities as revenue cycle management, insurance data management, custom schedule viewing, records management, appointment management, expense tracking, and industry compliance. What sets it apart is the quality management engine that monitors the documentation quality process.

Users get all relevant information in a single integrated view, including the patient history and medication.

Cons: AthenaClinicals is a little complicated to understand in the beginning.

  1. Kareo

The behavioral health software is designed to serve the EMR needs for practices of all sizes. It has different pricing tiers with different functionalities. Its fully functional mobile version enables working on iOS. This means users can work on Kareo on any device.

Additionally, there are several templates for behavioral health that can be pre-populated with details from a previous note.

Some of the key features include patient statements, patient list, fee schedule management, posting and claims processing, document storage, remittance, lab orders, and code scrubbing.  Additionally, get immediate access to complete practice management tools to manage front-office tasks.

Cons: Customizing patient statements could be a problem with Kareo.

  1. Drchrono EHR

A patient care platform that also seconds as a behavioral health software tool, drchrono EHR is easy to customize right at the point of care. This means the platform automates patient check-ins. In addition to this, the tool automates e-prescribing, documentation, and medical billing.

The best thing about the tool is its efficient functioning even on the go. Some of the top features of the EHR include billing, scheduling, and patient reminders. The mental health software is compatible with all kinds of digital devices.

It is a hassle-free task to send prescriptions eleEHR ctronically through any Internet-connected device, including iPhone and iPad. Besides, the solution is designed with e-fax capabilities.

Cons: Some users complain that the tool opens too many windows when tabs in pt chart are clicked.

  1. NueMD

It is full-suite integrated behavioral health software that makes it easier for medicine facilities to manage practice management and billing operations. The tool reduces the burden of practice management so practice’s can focus on patient care.

NueMD features a range of capabilities, including medical billing, ePrescribing, practice management, patient portal, EMR, EHR, and eLabs.

It is compatible with mobile, iOS, and Android, making it easier for health care clinics to use the software on any device. Additionally, it is easier to create customized reports.

Cons: There are no options to view the schedule for the next week or month.

  1. PrognoCIS EMR

If you are looking for one EMR tool that can make the task of collecting and storing patient data easier and hassle free, you should try out PrognoCIS. The behavioral health software offers strong security to data.

The fully integrated EMR PrognoCIS EMR comes complete several features that make it worth an investment for healthcare facilities. This includes E & M coding, quick database search, clinical history storage, staff alerts, history retrieval, document management, and communication.

The quick database search feature makes it a hassle-free job to find and retrieve critical patient history details. This ensures time efficiency.

Cons: Some users are unable to customize templates. Additionally, some of the billing features do not work properly for Mac.

If you are interested to find the best behavioral health software for your clinic or medical practice, you can trust the ITQlick expert advice.

With a huge knowledge database and decades of experience in the IT industry, our tech experts can guide you through the process. Allow us to find the top mental health solution for your clinic, so you can better focus on patient care.

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