Top 8 Free Animation Software for Beginners

8 Free Animation Software
8 Free Animation Software

If you are looking for the best free animation software on the market, you will find many such solutions flooding the marketplace. Whether you are just starting out in the animation world or willing to try out a new one, this list can come in handy. Small companies and beginners can now produce professional grade games and arts with these animation solutions. You will find the one that fits your requirements here.


If you seek to create HTML5 banner ads, Bannerflow makes it possible, without requiring any code. The tool makes creating banners easier for beginners. Whether you want to make fully features media ads or simple video banners, the free animation software is designed with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature to make life easier for you. The software is optimized for all devices, which ensures that your audience can always stay current with the latest news or uploads from your end. There is no better animation tool to advertise your business than Bannerflow. On top of it, the software enables you to create a custom animation effortlessly. Request a trial and get started with Bannerflow today.

Cons:  The tool is not too intuitive as some of other similar apps.


With Lucid, you can add sleek animation to your website. The free animation software comes with a range of advanced capabilities to bring your site to life. The solution is easy to use and requires no technical or coding knowledge. It is like JavaScript building blocks or Lego® that enable you to add features and functionality to your website using interlocking pieces or blocks. Lucid gives you the power to fine-tune your user experience so that they return! The updated version supports animate.css.

Cons: The application is designed primarily for Mac.

Adobe Flash

Game developers and animators can leverage Adobe Flash Professional to create multimedia. The multimedia authoring software enables users to create games, visualizations, and 3D multimedia. It is designed with improved HTML publishing. The advanced version offers HTML5 canvas support, code profiling, debugging and testing content, real-time drawing, and custom metadata APIs features. The application is compatible with Windows and Mac OS based devices.

Cons: Users need minimum 4GB of RAM to use the application.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6

A comprehensive graphic design suite, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 is easy to use for beginners. With its advanced capabilities, it is one of the best animation tools available. The user-friendly tool helps designers work in style and hassle-free, right from concept to production. CorelDraw is one of the best free animation software tools available for free download.  The tool is highly customizable. The latest version comes with several capabilities and multi-core support for users to do more in less time. Some of the key features include vector shaping, web graphics, content organizer, page layout, and color management engine.

Cons: The application does not come with any search tool for users.

DAZ Studio

Create unique digital art using DAZ Studio. The trial version is free to download and gives new users an idea about how DAZ Studio can be the best animation tool for their business. Some of the key features of the tool include 3D figure customization. With DAZ Studio, you can design marvelous animations and illustrations. Using the intuitive interface is easy and hassle free. It is as easy as selecting your subject, setting up lighting, arranging accessories, and creating spectacular artwork. Its new version comes with a new look and feel that is designed to make the platform easier to use. The animation tool is for animators and digital art makers, whether you are a beginner or professional.

Cons: It may be slightly difficult for new users to get a hang of the animation software initially.

PaintShop Pro X5

Now you can turn simple snapshots into spectacular images with Corel PaintShop Pro X6. The simple-to-use and intuitive photo editing platform is designed with 64-bit power, video learning capabilities. It comes with an auto selection feature, an object extractor, a smart selection brush, and upgraded RAW support. With the free animation software, users can do more in less time. Leverage the new tools to customize animations and images. PaintShop Pro X5 supports third-party plugins, which means you can make the most out of this software. On top of it, the tool offers a sharing feature that is better than many of its competitors.

Cons: It is compatible with Windows alone.

AutoSketch 10

The entry-level CAD drafting tool, AutoSketch is the best free animation software for beginners and hobbyists. Illustrators and designers can leverage the tool to create architectural drawings, informative graphics, and conceptual sketches. AutoSketch is easy to use to crate electrical drawings and technical illustrations. It is useful in a range of fields and apps.

Cons: No support is available for users after the free trial period of 30 days.


The desktop publishing software is one of the easiest animation and design tools available for creating complex page layouts.  Even beginners can create and publish rich, compelling materials for digital and print using the proven professional design features. QuarkXPress is suited for all types of businesses to produce a range of layouts, from flyers to catalogs and big multi-media projects.

Cons: The basic version comes with limited features.

Are you wondering which of the free animation software tools you should go for? Get in touch with the expert team at ITQlick. We will guide your search, depending on your exact requirements.