Top Asset Tracking Software


Assets are critical components of a business, but tracking them is one of the most challenging tasks. However, an asset tracking software is designed to help users track the location of assets or equipment in the organization. With such a solution, you can digitally track the location of the tagged assets. An asset tracking solution stores inventory data and other asset information, sending alerts to managers when stocks of spare parts are running low. The asset tracking solution can help:

  • Track the asset lifecycle
  • Ensure timely scheduled maintenance
  • Run reports
  • Set up alerts
  • Calculate depreciation of machinery

Top Asset Tracking Software Solutions

Maintenance Connection

The cloud-based maintenance management solution is designed to track the lifecycle of assets, manage maintenance costs, minimize inventory investment, improve labor productivity, track allocation of resources and possible failure of assets, and reduce costly downtimes. The scalable solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It comes complete with integration capabilities, such as digital facility management and enterprise resource planning.

You can access relevant data from anywhere with the asset tracking software. Maintenance Connection tracks maintenance costs, streamlines labor efforts, tracks asset performance, and improves the efficiency of asset lifecycle.

Cons: The application requires an Internet connection to run.


Agile Assets comes in handy as an asset management solution that helps organizations optimize the available resources. The solution removes redundancies and boosts asset efficiency. With Agile Assets, you have an array of powerful tools that support the complete lifecycle management of assets.

The comprehensive, integrated solution focuses on a range of infrastructure assets, such as fleet & equipment, bridges and pavements, and telecom asset management. The mobile device ready tool is designed with a browser-based user interface. It comes with an array of features, including custom preventative maintenance, asset hierarchies, accuracy of records, and warranty information maintenance.

With the asset tracking and management solution, make better, data-driven decisions, while optimizing your asset management strategy.

Cons: The interface may look a little complicated for first-time users.


Irrespective of your organization size, you need an asset tracking solution to simplify work order processing and boost business efficiency. MPulse CMMS software is designed with a range of reporting tools, scheduling, and integrated tracking solutions. You can proactively deal with service requests while creating relevant reliable reports.

The solution makes it easy for asset managers to schedule, track, and report the lifecycle of equipment.  With the software, facility managers can effortlessly manage & track work orders and maintain communication in real-time with technicians and customers.

For equipment Maintenance Managers, it is an ultimate tool to assign service staff, monitor their activities, track preventive maintenance schedules, and manage inventory and spare parts. The highly customizable tool also helps monitor profitability and compliance issues.

Cons: The app does not come with a free trial.

Facilities Management eXpress

With asset management as one of the key features of Facilities Management eXpress, the asset tracking software is easy to implement. The software is an ideal tool for facilities managers to track work orders, submit requests, schedule assets, and plan maintenance.

The cloud-based software offers a calendar view to easily track, submit, and efficiently manage assets, requests, and resources. It is easier to track asset and team performance with the FMX CMMS. You can create and share customized reports. With no installation required, the cloud-based solution makes it easier to manage your facility from anywhere around the globe. With the FMX, you have a tool handy to keep your asset maintenance costs low and effortlessly track operational cost and expenditure.

Cons: It does not feature a separate mobile app, which limits its use.


If you are looking for an asset management solution that tracks assets and automates manual tasks, FTMaintenance can come in handy. Automate maintenance tasks and asset and equipment management with the web-based application. FTMaintenance is easy to use and makes supervising your equipment and assets easier than ever.

It is a comprehensive integrated suite that comes complete with an array of features, such as asset management, work order management, inventory and equipment management, and predictive maintenance.

Add-on features include customization, data import, integration, and onsite and offsite training. The asset tracking software is designed with mobile capability, which enables maintenance technicians to manage work orders on the go.

Cons: FTMaintenance lacks the key module of warehouse management.

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