Top CRM Solutions for Insurance Companies


No one needs a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) solution more than insurance companies because trust is critical when it comes to money management. A CRM solutions for insurance companies is designed to improve data management and boost employee efficiency, helping you provide customers with better service and establish long-lasting relationships and trust. When customers get accurate and right information within quick seconds, they are more likely to trust you and prefer you over the competition.

1. Salesforce

One of the premier on-demand CRM solutions on the market, Salesforce is designed to streamline day-to-day financial and customer services management. Its AppExchange feature makes it a complete CRM solution that automates sales, lead generation, reporting, and marketing processes, ensuring that users can focus on business growth and customer service, without having to worry about mundane data entry and document management. The product seamlessly integrates into your existing accounting and business processes and is scalable enough to expand with your business growth. The application sends out notifications in real-time, keeping users updated on every development.

Cons:  If you want an on-premises insurance CRM, the application is not for you, as it cannot be accessed online, being a cloud-based solution.

2. Microsoft Dynamics

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to provide a complete view of the customer activity with the insurer across marketing, sales, and claims management. With unlimited scalability, the application can be expanded as your business grows, helping improve sales and marketing efficiency while providing better customer-centric solutions and personalized customer experience. Designed to aggregate all data and applications, the CRM for insurance industry enables customer service staff to see the consolidated customer history in real time, allowing them to give timely response to queries and exhibit better customer intimacy. Easy to use, the business functionality suite supports sales intelligence and offers diverse functionality.

Cons: The application is designed to integrate with Microsoft-only applications, which means it may not work with other third-party products.

3. SugarCRM

A feature-rich CRM solution, SugarCRM is designed with comprehensive CRM functionality so you can manage customer relationship via a single platform. The application comes complete with enterprise reporting capabilities and customer self-service portal and allows for seamless third-party application integration. SugarCRM is an intuitive application that provides an integrated view of customer activity in real time and allows agents and company brokers to deliver superior service and improve response time. The cutting-edge product supports targeted marketing that helps manage existing customer accounts while boosting sales. Built on an open source platform, the application can be customized to your needs, helping you ensure marketing is in harmony with back office operations.

Cons: The reporting capabilities of this insurance CRM application aren’t as efficient as other features.

4. Samange

With its comprehensive service desk functionality, Samange is designed as a software-as-a-service that automates implementation of daily tasks and simplifies the insurance workflow, thus creating a more streamlined customer service solution. The cloud-based CRM for insurance can be accessed from any part of the globe at any time, so you can get a real-time view of customer activity and a clear view of all of your business assets. Designed with asset and service management capabilities, Samange enables you to manage the sales activity of each person so you can clearly establish benchmarks and determine performance. The application also features lead tracking, instant reporting, and administrative capabilities. It also facilitates the task of commission calculations.

Cons: Random updates to the system can sometimes be challenging to understand and make things little confusing.

5. StarterCRM

A custom CRM for insurance agents, StarterCRM is designed with a full suite of features to allow agents to provide better customer service and manage existing clients, so they remain happy policy holders. The application comes complete with industry-specific features that help you streamline sales processes while reducing response time, starting from inquiry to implementation, so you can get policy holders for life. StarterCRM features lead management, contact management, task management, calendar management, and policy and premium information management capabilities. It comes with 100 templates, allowing users to create marketing campaigns for lead conversion.

Cons:  New users may find the feature-rich application little confusing to start with. However, with little training and practice, navigating the dashboard is a breeze.

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