Top 5 Legal Billing Software (2018)

Legal Billing Software
Legal Billing Software

Top Legal Billing Software (2018) – With technological evolution, the management of law practices has undergone a change.

It is helping address the ever-growing needs of the law practice, as attorneys look for specialized legal billing software to make tasks easier. Tracking billable hours can be a time-consuming process with paper-based methods.

On top of it, there is a high risk of human error, as the need to generate invoices remains even after the calculation of billable hours.

Best Legal Billing Software

Time is value for law firms. A law firm software solution is designed to help legal clients accurately record billing and time information.

With a legal billing software tool, users can leverage its schedule reporting capabilities to flawlessly organize work time and schedule, making it easier to produce detailed reports and helping in the efficient running of the law practice. The best legal billing software is designed to solve your everyday pain points.


A solution specially designed to meet the needs of attorneys and law firms, BillQuick can seamlessly handle billing & accounting, time tracking, and case management on a day-to-day basis. The easy-to-configure software enables more accurate time tracking.

The scalable application comes with easy to integrate features, which ensures accurate time and expense tracking and faster billing. With BillQuick, users can effortlessly access data, reports, and data entry for billing and payments.

Jarvis Legal

The practice management software for law firms is designed to facilitate the task of time tracking from any device. Users find it easier to track time separately for each case and generate bills using different billing methods, depending on your law firm’s templates. Jarvis Legal makes it easier to share billing details with clients and automate tracking of unpaid bills.

Some of the top features of the cloud-based solution include client and case management, document management, conflict management, custom reporting, outlook synchronization, alerts, and automatic time tracking, allowing users to work offline and synchronize data later.

Its document management capabilities ensure safe and secure storage of all documents at a centralized location, which is accessible anytime anywhere.


It is an integrated legal practice management tool, making billing and project management easier. The tool helps improve everyday operations for law firms, so users can focus on core competencies and grow their business.

The system features centralized document and client management. It is easier for users to search each database on the basis of file, client, and matter. With LegalTrek, daily or weekly reminders remind users of to-do tasks and deadlines, so they can stay updated on firm matters.

All communications taking place within the system are encrypted with the highly secure SSL encryption certificate. Users can strengthen security by adding a two-step verification process with your mobile or smartphone. What’s more, users can leverage the system to assign roles and permissions.

Abacus Law

The legal practice management solution is designed to automate the workflow of law firms. As an on-premise solution, Abacus Law is a highly customizable solution that can be tweaked and customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. The legal billing software can segregated to cater to various sectors of the law.

All the documents and sensitive data are stored at a single centralized location. The easy-to-use law firm software tracks all contracts and obligations and integrates a module that can help the production of new signature-ready forms that come complete with information.

Its accounting module makes it easier to integrate reporting, billing, and time keeping. Its legal calendar management capabilities are designed to manage deadlines, tasks, and appointments.


You can run your entire legal practice on CosmoLex. The legal practice management software comes complete with a range of capabilities, including task automation, accounting, multi-billing options, and cash flow management.

Some of the important practice management services include billing workflow, task and event tracking, and team calendar.  CosmoLex makes it easier to manage contingency fees and hourly rates. Adding invoices is just a click away. Other important legal billing software services include QuickBooks integration, time and expense management, and trust accounting.

With the matter management facility, the software automatically assigns every case to its appropriate category. Customizable dashboard provides access to expenses, billable time, and trust retainer.

Looking for a legal billing software tool for your law practice? Perhaps you are looking for the best solution available, right? Well, there are numerous tools available online, but they can leave you wondering for choice. But with the support of ITQlick team, you can leverage our knowledge and database to find the right software for your business.