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As a retailer, your prime focus should be to enhance customer experience, as the customer is the king and cannot be neglected. Retail customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions are designed to enhance the experience of your customer base by helping retailers track customer data, such as contact details, past purchases, interests & preferences, and birthdays and anniversaries, among others. Leverage the best-of-the-breed CRM systems to automate cumbersome tasks, cater to customer needs, enhance efficiency, grow profits, and boost customer trust & loyalty.

1. Visual Retail Plus

Designed as a point-of-sale solution, Visual Retail Plus works with every vertical in the retail industry. The retail CRM system comes with an integrated eCommerce solution that gives retailers access to cutting-edge technology for different retail applications.

The platform offers retailers complete control of operations and robust functionality to provide the best customer experience possible. As a completely scalable solution, Visual Retail Plus is a simple and easy-to-learn solution that can be customized to meet the specific needs of every business.

Cons: The system is at its best speed in the morning and slows down by the evening, which makes tasks a little difficult to complete.

2. Lightspeed Retail

A cutting-edge point-of-sale solution that can be accessed anywhere anytime, Lightspeed Retail is designed to unify inventory, process transactions, and manage customers. The design-centric retail CRM solution comes with a fully integrated web store that facilitates handling of inventory while multi-store capability enables keeping inventory synced across all locations.

Easy to use, the cloud-based system comes with a nice checkout point and cross-platform capabilities.  Backed by a motivated team of experts that are constantly making improvements and addition to the system, Lightspeed Retail is packed with features and can be integrated with third-party software.

Cons: Outages can prove to be really costly to any business, which brings all processes to a halt. The technology division of Lightspeed Retail is working to improve infrastructural limitations to ensure a flawless and seamless flow of service.

3. AIMsi

A user-friendly retail customer relationship management solution, AIMsi provides inventory tracking, accounting, and Point of Sale, with add-on modules that make this software perfect for retailers unhappy with their experience with generic systems.

With AIMsi, you can build your own custom solution by including only the required features. Its full suite of add-on modules can support the needs of specialty retailers. The fully integrated business management solution offers a Lesson Scheduling module and an add-on for rental management for retailers to manage short-term rentals and extended warranty contracts.

Cons: The reporting capabilities need a little tweaking for better performance of the system.

4. Liberty4 Consignment

One of the most user-friendly retail CRM systems in the market, the Liberty4 Consignment solution comes with a point of sale, inventory management, and accounting capabilities. Available as an off-the-shelf product or Software as a Service, the application makes customer tracking easy while allowing anywhere anytime access.

The application comes with the Liberty Mobile License for consignors to directly enter items into their accounts using any smartphone device. With an array of features, Liberty4 Consignment is a reliable, cost-effective, and user-friendly system, which is backed by excellent technical support, helping make your retail store more efficient. Making changes and adding products is a seamless process.

Cons:  There is a big learning curve to understand all of the system features and functionalities. It is better to review the system and get trained first before jumping into it. Using the system becomes a breeze once you are trained in using its different features.

5. Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

Automate POS processes with the Microsoft Dynamics POS software. Designed for medium and small retail businesses, the retail CRM system is easy to customize for specialty retailers and provides centralized control for multi-store outlets. Easy to integrate with other Microsoft programs, the software helps streamline operations and transaction processing, drive retail growth, expedite checkouts, and enhance customer service.

The user-friendly system is easy to set up and automates inventory tracking and purchase management. Scalable and easy to use, the application comes with a flexible reporting system that easily adapts to changing business needs.

Cons:  With advanced functionalities, the product can be difficult to master. But with regular use, it turns out to be a perfect retail CRM solution for mid-sized businesses.

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