Top Ten Predictive Dialer Software

Predictive dialer software is an automatized dialing system that screens and predicts when call center agents will be available to take calls based on call metrics. Predictive dialers consider particular factors such as average call length, rate of abandoned calls, etc., into statistical algorithms to decide when an agent will be available to take a call.

Furthermore, predictive dialers can be used to upload a list of contacts, track DNC compliance, manage numbers on a list for upload, and monitor the name and number that appears on a customer ID. While many predictive dialers are often integrated into some call center software, they often come in standalone platforms for more aggressive functions.

Recently, Predictive dialers have also transitioned from hardware-based media into cloud-hosted solutions. Here are the top ten predictive dialer software for call centers.

1. Adversus Dialer: Adversus Dialer is a cloud-based customer relations management option designed to fast-track agents’ effectiveness. It finds more efficacy among small, medium telemarketing, and appointment marketing business. Furthermore, Adversus Dialer makes it seamless for companies to track their performance across the board, including agents’ activities, and generate reports. Adversus Dialer also comes with automated features that accommodate tasks related to email distribution, lead updates, and call recording, especially if they are recurring tasks.

Key features

  • Impeccable appointment scheduling
  •  Business performance tracking, including agents’ activities and calls.
  •  Data security
  • Lead management

2. Cloudtalk: Cloudtalk is a call center management platform that facilitates seamless communication between business owners and teams using a virtual management system. Executives who use cloud talk can seamlessly manage their respective calls, contain their call histories, and customize their services to suit customers’ demands.

One of Its strengths is its exceptional automated calling feature makes a recording of a call, and once the call ends, you can always listen to the call from any location via browser. Cloudtalk integrates with third-party applications like Pipedrive, zendesk, Salesforce, etc.

Key Features

  • Automated call distribution
  • Voice mail
  • After-call-work functionality to monitor tasks
  • Intuitive features for easy users

3. Matrix software: Matrix is a cloud-based and easy-to-use predictive platform designed by initial to cater to the needs of call centers regardless of their sizes. It comes with a real-time dashboard that allows the manager to check the agents on call, the duration of time on a call, and successfully converted calls.

Furthermore, the dialer possesses a predictive and analytic feature that gives call center agents an analysis of their respective performances. Matrix also affords users seamless integration with other third-party platforms like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, etc. The platform affords users multi-lingual support through emails, phones, and other texting platforms.

Key features

  • Users can upload contact lists into the system and verify via timezones and country zones
  • Seamless integration with lead generation tools
  • Engaging, easy-to-use interface for agents

4. DialerAI: DialerAI is a cloud-based, predictive dialer system that provides businesses of all sizes an opportunity to manage functions about live calls, campaign analysis, conversion, Interactive Voice transfers, and voice conversion capabilities.

Users are sure to have ease designing and capturing phone surveys and responses, regardless of the channels. Also, the system allows agents to detect faulty calls and manage the call volumes. DialerAI also comes with options that will enable marketing teams to gauge call performances, and aborted calls, and generate related reports in real-time.

For marketers, there is an ample opportunity to leverage pre-recorded advertisements, and campaigns and use auto-dial solutions.

Key Features

  • Concurrent Calling option
  • Campaign analytics
  • Text-to-speech conversion

5. Primo Dialler Software: Primo Dialler software is a cloud-based platform that offers call center agents a predictive dialer option, coupled with the integrated Voice Response (IVR), at their disposal. The predictive dialer features allow for an auto-dial opportunity for agents, allowing them to auto-dial customer numbers, and allowing available agents to take live calls.

Furthermore, primo dialler seamlessly integrates with a CRM that will enable agents to manage customer and client interactions. With Primo dialler, users can easily submit their tickets online, make inquiries, and always reach an available support team via chat, phone, and email. Primo dialler can be used by Telemarketing agencies, debt collection, and Insurance agencies, respectively.

Key Features

  • IVR routing for inbound calls based on agents’ skill set.
  •  Integration with CRM
  •  Reporting and analytical tools for supervisors to track performances.

6. CallTools:  CallTools is an inbound call center management solution and predictive dialer for businesses to manage the efficiency of their call center. However, its most prominent feature is its skill-based call routing system that sorts inbound calls, distributing them to the most appropriate customer agent.

CallTools possesses an automatic voicemail message detection option that allows agents to avoid them while only speaking to actual customers. Finally, CallTools provides an online, text, and email support system to assist its users.

Key Features

  •  Call Recording Features for users to store and manage their contact lists from their chosen locations
  • List management options: list scrubbing and export that allow users to manage information from a central location
  •  Automatic Voice mail detection option

7. Call Center Studio: Call center studio is a cloud-based, predictive dialer solution that incorporates Voice analytics, interactive voice response, and voice analysis. It allows users to create marketing campaigns derived from outbound calls easily. Furthermore, users have the liberty to make customized reports based on a data mining interface available. The analytic voice feature stands out as it enables automatic speech recognition through a text-speech tool. There is also a supervisor dashboard to monitor the performance of the respective agents.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with third-party apps like SAP CRM, win desk, Zoho, etc.
  •  Automatic call distribution
  •  Interactive voice response option

8. Noble Suite: Noble suite Is available as a cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid solution for businesses of all sizes. It provides a mix of predictive, preview, or manual dialing modes for its users. Furthermore, it includes inbound, outbound, and blended contact management in one platform. It allows users to set routing rules quickly and enable customers to be easily set up with various options, like account opening, personalized messages, software integrations, etc. Managers can always see inbound queues, real-time agent status, automated audio, and a visual compliance system.

Key Features

  • Skill-based call routing and digital recording
  • Presence of multiple dialing modes like predictive, preview, etc
  • Manage call overflows

9. eToll free: eToll free is an integrated, cloud-based predictive dialer developed to suit the needs of businesses regardless of their sizes. First, it has a customizable feature that allows its companies to reach all numbers available for its lead. Also, agents can easily view general information about a call waiting in the queue to select rings to pick from their home screen. Furthermore, eToll free comes with an automated call distribution option that seamlessly distributes tasks among agents without repetition.

Key Features

  • Users can set up an answering machine detection
  •  Time-clock application to help users track work time
  • Users can send calls to voice mail with custom greetings

10. MegaDialer: MegaDialer is a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) that helps organizations handle preview and predictive dialers with a view to achieving their goals. It comes with an interactive interface that allows users to follow agents’ activity in real-time, and views each campaign detail, and analytics. In addition, it comes with other essential features such as on-demand recording, call monitoring, incoming call management, emailing, etc. Furthermore, it is easily integrated with a wide range of CRM platforms to help employees perform better.

Key features

  • Interactive interface for agents to view campaigns
  • Instant call reports
  • On-demand call recording

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