Top Web-Based Project Management Solutions


You aim to deliver projects on time and need a solution that can make life much easier and, of course, more productive. Online project management software solutions are designed to enable efficient management of multiple projects, facilitating planning, team building, financial management, coordination, and collaboration.

1. Procore

A web-based construction management software solution, Procore enables streamlined project communication, collaboration, and documentation, helping firms enhance efficiency and accountability. Easy to use, edit, and manage, the cloud-based software is accessible anywhere anytime and facilitates collaboration among staff members, from contractors to architects to engineers. The automated functionalities of this user-friendly product saves time.

Cons: The software may seem overly complex in the initial stage, especially when you are just starting out. But with continued use, you will find it the easiest system to use, navigate through, and edit.

2. Wrike

A web-based project management tool, Wrike offers a robust and elegant solution that perfectly blends traditional apps with avant-garde social collaboration tools to facilitate the task of organizing your projects in one centralized space. The highly collaborative platform, with its single, intuitive workspace, makes it easier for users to assign tasks, collaborate, and manage team and projects while keeping an eye on deadlines and schedules. Every Wrike user has a comprehensive updated view of things, making it easier to track project status and progress. The cloud-based project management solution features a fully integrated Glenn Chart, offering an interactive way to visualize projects in real-time. What’s more, the innovative tool integrates seamlessly with leading third-part software that facilitate collaboration.

Cons: Users may find it challenging to use some of the software features. But the intuitive tool is self explanatory and guides you how to use the diverse advanced features. With some time and patience, you can master the tool!

3. Vista by Viewpoint

With a full-suite of features, Vista is designed with an array of functionalities to allow efficient management of business operations. The online project management software comes complete with collaborative cloud-based construction-specific capabilities, which makes it easier for users to share BIM, email, contracts, and mark up drawings among stakeholders. Easy to use, the tool features an accounting module that facilitates the task of job costing, helping collection of accurate information throughout the service chain, from labor to sub-contractors. Billing is a one-step process with this cutting-edge accounting tool, which makes your task easier through flexible T&M formats and progress billing.

Cons: The integrated product platform is little difficult and time-consuming to implement. Once implemented, the flexible tool is a breeze to use. The team Vista is constantly adding features to make it an even better collaboration platform.

4. Workfront

With convenient to use features, Workfront is one of the leading cloud-based project management solutions in the marketplace. Its full suite of easy-to-use features makes Workfront a better platform to manage projects, work, and portfolio, giving users a simple method to schedule, streamline, and execute tasks. The web-based tool gives firms a 360 degree view of their business operations, facilitating project understanding and management and enabling team members to take control of each task, collaborate better to ensure timely completion, and thus boost productivity.

Cons: The custom views could be made more intuitive. This would save users time and enhance productivity. But you can always use the Help button in the event of a glitch, and the customer support team would be quick to respond.

5. Mavenlink

With its intuitive suite of powerful features, Mavenlink is a flexible web-based project management solution for collaboration, resource planning, and accounting & financial management. The scalable software integrates a range of capabilities and helps businesses increase operational efficiency and profitability through better collaboration and coordination between teams. The easy-to-use, intuitive design makes it a user-friendly tool for all of the staff, helping save time while keeping users updated on the project progress and recent activity. The tool easily integrates with leading applications, including Salesforce, Microsoft, and Google, among others.

Cons: The timer could be made little more flexible. It is not easy to stop the timer when you aren’t working. Making the timer more flexible would help make the system even better.

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