Twilio Competitors


With traditional communication mediums starting to fade away into oblivion, businesses are looking for alternatives. Cloud communication is one such alternative that allows users to not only make and receive calls, but also text from the web.  Twilio is a cloud communication company that facilitates efficient communication for businesses, bridging the gap between software world and traditional communication.

In addition to the typical text and voice options, companies are trying to include video call to their services to succeed in the competitive market. If you are looking for cloud communication services providers, you may want to check the list of Twilio competitors.

  • Five9 Virtual Call Center

Five9 is a cloud contact center software solution for inbound, outbound communications, including telemarketing, telesales, and support services. Ideal for small and medium businesses, Five9 comes with sales, marketing & telemarketing, customer service, and finance capabilities.

Its advanced technology supports pre-packaged integrations with CRM tools and open web services. Easy to configure, the tool is deployed in a short period of time and enables agents to handle inbound calls during peak times. Whether you are a customer service executive, an agent, a technical manager, or a sales representative, Five9 can help you accomplish your goals.

  • SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center

One of the most innovative contact center tools, SafeSoft comes complete with holistic unified communications capabilities that support call management and blended solutions. The contact center solution tracks your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns in real time, automatically routes calls to the appropriate agent, and offers customizable reporting.

With these capabilities, users get the required intelligence to optimize productivity and maximize success. This helps minimize wait times, so you can deliver best personalized quickly and efficiently.

  • Nextiva

Another Twilio competitor, Nextiva is another call center solution that can be integrated with different customer relationship management tools.  The cloud-based phone system comes complete with powerful features, including Nextiva VoIP and unified communications, which enable seamless communication among business, customers, and associates.

Designed with advanced functionality, Nextiva’s phone system enables HD voice quality. Its real-time reporting functionality and management system helps users monitor and modify employee communication, irrespective of their location. Use external devices to reduce hardware investment. Call center in the cloud ensures that it involves minimal upfront costs, so users can make dramatic cost savings.

  • inContact Hosted Call Center Software

An ideal contact center solution for medium and large business, inContact Hosted Call Centre Software provides innovative technology for call centers, helping reduce cost of client interaction while removing communication hindrances.

Easy to set up, the software features robust analytics and reporting capabilities that produces real-time statistics, so users can offer the best service for customers. With the cloud-based solution, users can make significant savings and pay for what they use, reducing the burden of paying for unnecessary staff.

The hosted call center supports additional features that prioritize calls based on time spent waiting, including queue based routing, call recording and analytics, and silent monitoring of agents calls.

  • Telax Hosted Call Center

A cost-effective, flexible contact center solution, Telax is perfect for medium size enterprises looking for a tool to manage call center services. The software comes with a highly scalable interface and features CRM integration, interactive voice response, reporting, analytics, workforce management, quality assurance, and automatic call distribution capabilities.

With the automatic call distribution feature, the call is transferred to the right agent at the right time, creating an overall better experience.  The solution provides support for quality improvement through agent scoring, call monitoring & review, and feedback.

  • Genesys

The call center solution supports proactive customer communications. With a combination of SIP architecture, Genesys Outbound facilitates access to customer data, advanced campaign management, and real-time and historical reporting to enable users to address customer needs.

Ensure your omnichannel success with the contact center application and deliver the best experience for customers to build loyalty. Transition from outdated technology and virtualize your contact center with Genesys, which facilitates agent-to-agent collaboration and ensures efficient management of customer interactions.

No doubt, call center solutions make life easier for businesses and improve customer interactions. But it is critically important to get your hands on the right solution that caters to your specific business needs.

Wondering which of Twilio competitors would work best for your specific business? Well, the ITQlick team can help you solve this riddle. With decades of IT experience, we understand software needs of each business and can guide you through the cloud contact center solution selection process.

We can help you save time and money in making top software recommendations from among Twilio competitors that serve your business needs and help you improve, grow, and succeed.