Use Media Intelligence to Know Your Industry


Since the arrival of Social Media nobody can take a rest, and that includes your company. Your brand and your corporate reputation is no longer something static but a living reality that grows, interacts and changes almost on a daily basis.

As you can imagine no one can escape this vortex, and if you think you can stay just aside, then you will most likely be out of business. However, there is a positive side for this because all the information is out there for your company to use it wisely.

The process of turning those mountains of social data into actions to be taken by your company is called  Media Intelligence.

Social media networks communication concept“My Marketing Department Already Has Social Media Under Control”

There’s nothing as such. The idea lying behind it makes a lot of sense though, and pretends that all you need to do is controlling your topics, keeping an eye on the customer support features that you can offer through Social Media to your customers … and not much else.

The truth is that this is only a fraction of the real dimension of your brand, those few tasks barely cover the inner life of your brand or your company. The full extent of your company is far from your own twits and campaigns on Facebook.

Those are very important, but you must realize that they are also competing in the online world with your main competitors. When we talk about media, there is a new battle every day.

“How Can Media Intelligence Help Me Win That Battle?”

Basically because it will enable your company to use the same techniques you use to create you own contents and strategies for Social Media, but this time to find out what your neighbour is doing.

In other words, it is similar to reverse engineering because you take the final result of the process to find out what they did to get to that point. You can get an excellent overview of the activity of your competitors, comparing and measuring the relevance of their social interactions compared to yours, and helping you improve your strategies.

Now you will have a complete map to locate your company according to your competitors.


Although this sounds like a lot of work to do, there are some excellent Media Intelligence solutions that will help you on a daily basis with all the research, data collection and with some parts of the data analysis.

One of them is RivalFox, that puts the emphasis on the behaviour of other players in your Industry to help you decide your next moves. It will provide you with a daily media coverage of your competitors appereances and mentions in all types of media, and allows a keyword search that will be perfect to put your Media Intelligence in SEO context.

This powerful software will provide you with rich information such as keyword performance, and traffic and incoming links monitoring.

But the use of Media Intelligence can reach far beyond that, so that you can design your marketing actions based on the usage your customers do of the competitors services and products, like for example Datanyze can do for you.  Or you can use AdClarity to even track the successful sources of traffic of your competitors to use them on your site.

Like in most industries, the success of your company won’t come only from your own efforts, but also from a deep knowledge of your competitors to enhance your strategies and grow using every resource available. As you can imagine by now, your competitor’s  key for success is one of those resources.