Top 5 Budgeting and Forecasting Software (2022)

Top 5 Budgeting and Forecasting Software – You already know that even a slight error, negligence, and typo can affect the budgeting process, ruining the validity of budget strategies. It is here that a budgeting and forecasting software tool can come in handy.

The solution is designed for businesses to reduce the risk of potential human error by automating import of data from integrated accounting apps. Even collaboration in budget formulation is a breeze with such solutions. Online budgeting and forecasting software tools are the best option to manage budget in a streamlined way.

Top 5 Budgeting and Forecasting Software

Budget Maestro

Budget Maestro is a user-friendly accounting solution that comes complete with a range of features, including forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and consolidation. Its centralized database ensures that any changes are automated.

It unique financial intelligence feature automatically builds the balance sheet and cash flow statements. The application makes it easier for users to export reports to Excel where they can be customized.

Cons: The budgeting software does not feature help desk or live chat.


PlanGuru is a tool for planning, budgeting, and forecasting. The on-premise budgeting solution helps accountants efficiently do budget analysis, make financial forecasts, and address financial constraints of businesses, so they can make better financial decisions. Its budgeting tool includes features to create and manage balance sheets.

The tool helps a business make income and cash flow statements. PlanGuru is designed with 20 forecasting methods, so an organization can analyze its financial requirements for up to 10 years. It is easier to export all docs to Excel or PDF.

Cons: PlanGuru does not have an app for Android or iOS devices as of now.


If you seek a solution that facilitates the task of budgeting, business analysis and performance management, then you can trust Neubrain. Neubrain has a huge client base in public sector and government agencies.

The company believes in striking a partnership with various businesses across industry verticals and tailoring a solution that caters to its client needs. The budgeting and forecasting software enables a business to understand its finances better and make better regulatory decisions and financial analysis as to how to track progress and spend funds.

You can rely on the solution to prepare your budget and improve your business performance, without blowing a big hole in your pocket.

Cons: The application supports English language alone.

Forecast and Budget Builder

The application makes the process of developing a 3-year business financial forecast simple. Not only this, with Forecast and Budget Builder, you can easily create a 12-month budget and Sensitivity Analysis. It is best designed for start-ups and small businesses that aren’t technically sound as far as planning and budgeting are concerned.

It was developed to facilitate Excel processes. If you seek a simple-to-use tool with quick, automated ways of budgeting, you can rely on Forecast and Budget Builder.

As a start-up, the solution makes it easier for you to streamline the process of building a one-year budget with minimal input. Forecast generation is a breeze with the budgeting and forecasting software. Once a forecast is generated, it is easier to draft a master budget for the financial year ahead.

Cons: The solution is quite simple and has basic features, which make it a tool for startups or small businesses alone.


The budgeting software comes with a range of accounting features that make the task of budget planning, analysis, and forecasting easier. Some of the key capabilities of the software include budgeting, forecasting, invoicing, accrual-based costing, general ledger, and accounts payable and receivables.

Deltek comes with applications to make pricing, estimating, quoting, and discounting services easier. The comprehensive budgeting and accounting software can be used to create and customize reports. Some of its manufacturing features include cost management and quality management. Deltek offers 24/7 support service and training.

Cons: There is no separate application for mobile OS.

If you are deciding how to choose one budgeting software tool over another, given the range of features each application offers, you may want to connect with software experts at ITQlick.

We make free recommendations, so you can easily find the tool you have been looking for to make it easier for you to manage business processes. Allow us to offer you insight into different budgeting and forecasting software to help you improve, grow, and succeed.

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