What is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Software?

What is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Software?

Automatic call distribution software, also known as automatic call routing, is a telephony solution designed to distribute or answer incoming calls and route them to a designated department or agent, based on your business’s customized rules.

How ACD can support your business?

With such a solution, your business can seamlessly distribute calls based on a specific time, the skills of agents, and custom percentages. The best thing about ACD is that it is customizable and you can choose how your calls should be distributed among different agents.

Some ACD platforms come complete with the option to configure time-of-day call routing. With this feature, contact centers find it easier to route calls to different branches and agents, depending on the time of day.

The feature is especially useful for call centers that cater to a wider audience in multiple time zones. Small businesses can even divert calls to an alternate number or a mobile phone after operating hours.

Skills-Based Routing

Skills-based routing is one feature of an automatic call distribution software solution that facilitates the process of routing incoming calls to the right agent to cater to the specific caller’s need.

Percentage-Based Routing

This is one feature that enables a business to distribute calls to different destinations on the basis of a percentage-based ratio. Calls can be effortlessly distributed based on percentage-based routing. A business can distribute incoming calls to a larger and smaller branches, based on the percentage of calls.

In simple words, an ACD is a customizable voice application that directs callers in the absence of agents. When callers call and their calls queue up, the automatic call distribution software directs them to an available pool of agents. When an agent is available to take calls, the ACD routes the call to him.

Some of the benefits of an ACD include:

  • Reduce abandoned calls by providing queuing
  • Offer customers a single number to dial up
  • Process inward calls effectively
  • Determine the distribution and routing of calls to a pool of agents
  • Streamline the communications process
  • Allow call center managers to engage in call conferencing and monitoring
  • Determine when to add agents for peak calling periods
  • Generate real-time call reports
  • Enable acquisition of data to facilitate historical reporting
  • Generate agent performance metrics
  • Give callers the option to avoid the waiting queue and choose to have an agent call them back
  • Have multiple waiting queues for specific departments
  • Handle high call volumes

An ACD is the backbone of a contact center.  It is designed to work with Computer Telephony Integration solutions that enable the routing of incoming calls to specific agents based on pre-defined criteria. This enables companies to become more cohesive and professional.

Best Automatic Call Distribution Software

Automatic Call Distributor

The ACD efficiently handles a large volume of calls and geographically dispersed teams. It smoothly routes all incoming calls based on the business’ routing strategy. The intelligent call queuing capability utilizes business data for delivering custom call treatment.

The tool automates call routing to appropriate agents when the company experiences higher call volumes. This ensures that callers are never lost. A CRM-integrated ACD helps agents track all interactions with customers. The tool makes it easier for agents to track all communications with callers and stay updated.


The ACD offers an IVR solution designed with multi-channel automatic call distribution, customer relationship management, speech recognition, and predictive dialer integrations. The tool is easy to set up and can adapt to changing business needs.

Five9 is scalable and can adapt to your evolving business needs. It is one of the most reliable tools to handle incoming calls.

The automatic call distribution software enables a business to manage, handle, and report each interaction from different communication channels throughout the organization and match them to the most appropriate agents.

FluentStream Call Center

The contact center management solution comes with a range of features, including telemarketing, call monitoring, and reporting. The integrated suite can be customized to accommodate your specific business needs.

FluentStream is designed with an auto-attendant functionality that enables users to record and play greeting messages for callers. With this feature handy, a business does not need to hire the services of a receptionist, as it works as a virtual receptionist and performs all the tasks involved, such as directing calls directly to a specific agent or team.

ChaseData Call Center

The contact center management solution is designed with features that integrate inbound call traffic, predictive dialing, agentless dialing, and progressive dialing that enable real-time call recording and monitoring.

ChaseData features advanced interactive voice response solutions. The ACD ensures that calls are being properly directed depending on a specific set of rules based on training, skill, and language preference.


The SaaS contact center solution provides a business with the ability to communicate by different text messages, phone, email, or social networking within a single interface.

It is designed with out-of-the-box integrations and several customizable features. All of the information required by agents can be delivered in an instant within one interface. With Sharpen, it is easier for agents to solve more problems in less amount of time.

If you are wondering whether your business needs an automatic call distribution software tool, you can get in touch with ITQlick software specialists. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to steer you in the right direction.

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