Best Predictive Dialer Software? Discover Top 5 Tools

Predictive Dialer Software
Predictive Dialer Software

Best dialerBest Predictive Dialer Software –  Predictive Dialer is the best way to get the best out of your call center and optimize human labor.

These are designed to automatically make calls, freeing your call center agents from wait times. Not only this, a predictive dialer software tool is your best bet if you’re trying to reach many people in an instant.

  • The software uses data from past calls to assess when an agent will be available for answering a call, helping eliminate wait time.
  • Predictive dialers dial several numbers together so that there’s a lead on the line.
  • With such a solution handy, it is easier to screen for busy signals and assess which numbers are worth returning calls to.
  • Not only this, these dialers can improve productivity by almost 400 percent. They help maximize employee productivity, making your employee time worth paying for.

The outbound calling system is designed to automatically dial telephone numbers from a list on behalf of the agents. Predictive dialers can help agents screen for disconnected numbers, voicemail, busy signals, and no-answer calls.

What sets predictive dialers apart from the crowd is the ability to utilize call metrics for making predictions when agents will be available for the next call.

The dialer uses algorithms that enable it to deduce the exact time an agent will finish up with an existing call and be available for the next call.

There is a steady stream of calls for agents with little-to-no downtime, saving a lot of time for telemarketers and agents. Additionally, these dialers have the ability to dial the right number of leads at the perfect time to maximize agent utilization.

Top 5 Predictive Dialers

3CLogic Cloud

The web-based contact center solution is designed to give users a complete view of customers interactions across all channels. Take your agent performance to a new height with this fully featured predictive dialer software.

The communications platform helps improve interactions and enables users to grow conversions with advanced tools. Equip your team with the right communications tools to deliver the best customer.

Five9 Virtual Call Center

The web-based call center solution is a perfect tool for inbound, outbound functions of a contact center. Give your agents the best tool for telemarketing, customer support, and telesales in the form of Five9.

The predictive dialer features dialer, IVR, and ACD capabilities required by contact centers. It also comes complete with speech recognition options.  It is the perfect call center solution for small, mid-sized, and large businesses.

With Five9, your agents can pay full attention to handling incoming calls during peak periods. With no hardware or software installation required, it is a cost-effective solution facilitates automated receipt of connected outbound calls even when there is a huge inbound traffic.

SafeSoft Cloud Contact Center

Make sales and service interactions more productive with the cloud-based contact center support solution, which is designed to facilitate management of incoming or outgoing calls.

SafeSoft comes complete with its own CRM, which gives agents complete access to customer information by mapping call history.

Agents can leverage the information to get deeper insights into customer preferences, so they can sell other products & services.

Tenfold Sales Dialer

Equip your customer service center staff with a predictive dialer software tool that can enhance customer experience.

Tenfold Sales Dialer combines all customer interactions and history, giving users a unified view. Designed for sales teams, Tenfold Sales Dialer connects phone systems of agents to their customer relationship management systems and logs all call activity, helping them solve sales-related problems and accomplishing sales goals.

PIMS Dialer

The web-based predictive dialer comes with a range of capabilities, such as call scheduling, call tracking, call analytics, click-to-dial, gamification, and FCC compliance. Agents can take call notes, which can be seen on an activity slider.

PIMS Dialer is designed for the seamless integration of data from phone and CRM, which then provides valuable insights through analytics. With a predictive dialer handy, users can adjust outbound CallerID depending on the area code and list for different campaigns.

PIMS Dialer is the right contact center solution for efficient handling of both inbound and outbound calls.

Are you looking for a predictive dialer software solution for your business? The software listed here can surely come in handy. However, if you seek deeper insight into these solutions and other predictive dialer options, you can contact IT experts with ITQlick for more software recommendations.

Backed by decades of experience, we can guide you through the array of contact center solutions available on the market, so that you can select the one that can help you grow, improve, and succeed.