Top 5 Best SIP trunk Systems

Discover 2022’s Top 5 SIP Trunk Systems – SIP is an application layer protocol, spelled as Session Initiation Protocol. SIP trunk system is the use of voice over IP (VoIP) that helps a private branch exchange establish a connection to the Internet.

Gone are the days when the conventional telephone trunk was found everywhere. Now the Internet has become all-pervasive, facilitating communication with telephone subscribers. This specialized technology helps create a bridge between traditional phone networks and the Internet, thus establishing a connection between these networks.

The SIP initiates sessions to prepare the network to meet the particular needs of an audio connection online. Look for the best SIP trunk providers to get your hands on the right product.

TOP 5 SIP Trunk Software

Use your Internet to connect with your SIP provider’s network. If you don’t have SIP trunk software, you cannot do much with VoIP. Since the traditional phone network is still alive, the SIP trunk solution is here to stay. A PBX is a must-have for a business to connect to internal end users.

The ability of SIP to combine voice, data, and video eliminates the need for installing a different physical media device per mode. This results in lower costs and greater reliability for multimedia solutions.

Here are a few benefits of SIP trunking.

  • Lower trunking expenses: SIP trunks are flexible and scalable, which means their capacity can be increased with the rising needs of your business.
  • Lower equipment cost: Enterprises using SIP trunks do not need media gateways to translate between the internal web traffic and the analog PSTN. You no longer need to invest in an internal hardware solution when you have a SIP trunk, as you can use a cloud-based phone application.
  • Lower calling charges: Unlike existing calling plans, calls made via SIP do not calculate charges based on the PSTN length. Enterprises can avoid long-distance charges.

Top SIP Trunking Solutions

  1. SIP Trunking – Business VoIP

A leading business VoIP solution, AirSpring SIP Trunking offers a range of services, including voice and data convergence and long-distance SIP tracking. The solution can be deployed in leading industries, such as financial services, technology, IT services, and call centers. Local SIP trunking and free local calling are some of the features of this software.

SIP Trunking offers support for call center traffic and high calls per second traffic. Some of the capabilities include service level agreements and bonded DIA. The SIP trunk system features such services as the elimination of latency problems. There is a dynamic allocation of voice and data.

  1. Vonage Business Solutions

The solution features a business phone system to facilitate the connection between the VoIP phone system and the Internet source. Vonage core features offered by the SIP trunking provider include call announcement and screening. There is a feature to use multiple devices on one extension.

Calls can be seamlessly managed through the admin portal. It makes things easier for account managers to lay down dialing restrictions, review call recordings, view billing details, and adjust dashboard visibility options. The service can be accessed anywhere. It is easier to integrate contacts from Outlook or Google or any other CRM system.

  1. CloudCall

The web-based business VoIP solution directly integrates phone communications into a CRM. Some of the CloudCall features are inbound screen notification, call logging and recording, and CRM integration. It has such capabilities as click-to-call, real-time monitoring of calls, and local presence calling. The solution integrates with a variety of customer relationship management tools. It offers a range of options to set up a mobile environment.

  1. Nextiva

As one of the leading SIP trunk providers helps enterprises seamlessly connect VOIP phones to the Internet.  The product has won the title of the “Product of the Year,” thanks to an array of features on offer at an affordable price. Nextiva’s Business VoIP solutions come complete with cutting-edge functionality, streamlining the company’s communication and eliminating the dependence on a traditional phone. Some of the features include conference phones, caller ID, advanced call routing, and mobile integration. With the user-friendly Nextiva interface, users can effortlessly manage all options.

  1. Virtual Office by 8×8 Software

A collection of cloud-based VoIP solutions, Virtual Office is designed for businesses managing mobile employees. Some key features include mobile apps, enterprise-grade phone service, and virtual meetings and contact centers, helping optimize business communication.

As a leader of the SIP trunking software, Virtual Office is easy to integrate with third-party apps. It is compliant with FISMA and HIPAA. The solution comes integrated with conference calling, call recording, and ACD, catering to the needs of small and medium businesses.

Are you still not able to find the best SIP trunk, providers? Worry not! We have got you covered here. At ITQlick, our team of professional software experts understands different SIP trunk solutions and can guide you through the selection process.

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