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Last updated: Apr 24, 2017

Last updated: Apr 24, 2017

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Last updated: Apr 24, 2017 - Bpm’online is a process-based cloud CRM software for marketing, sales and service automation. A comprehensive suite of seamlessly integrated products, the solution delivers end-to-end processes to manage the entire customer journey – from lead genera
Learn more about bpm’online CRM
6 reviews

Last updated: Apr 08, 2017 - Sisense is a business analytics software used for business intelligence. Main functions include information collection, analysis, organization and producing reports. The users of this software have the benefit of selecting the data that they would wa
Learn more about Sisense
53 reviews

Last updated: Apr 06, 2017 - Qlikview is a business intelligence program with many useful tools that any business needs. The application allows business owners close monitoring of their business. Qlikview incorporates many solutions and tools that make it as comprehensive as pos
Learn more about Qlikview
90 reviews

Last updated: Apr 08, 2017 - Pentaho Business Analytics is a business analytics software that can help users to discover, blend and access all sizes of data and take information-driven decisions. The system can help users to visualize data in a variety of multiple dimensions, st
Learn more about Pentaho Business Analytics
69 reviews

Last updated: Apr 08, 2017 - BOARD All In One is a software comprising of all the functionalities necessary to build any Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence application without having to rely on any programming. It stands out with respect to the way it hel
Learn more about BOARD
2 reviews

Last updated: Apr 06, 2017 - Panorama Necto represents a new generation of Business Intelligence referred to as 3.0. It is a new type of a BI solution developed to assist organizations in the process of leveraging the power of Social Decision Making for quickly gaining insights
Learn more about Panorama Necto
1 reviews

Last updated: Apr 08, 2017 - SAP BusinessObjects is SAP's BI solution. By having immediate access to the latest data affecting their business, businesses can make sound decisions for the benefit of the company. This is what SAP BusinessObjects BI is all about: it allows users
Learn more about SAP BusinessObjects BI
0 reviews

Last updated: Apr 08, 2017 - Dundas BI provides Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics tools in one, fully embeddable BI platform. Dundas BI delivers powerful dashboards, reporting and visual data analytics, enabling users access to all their data for better decisions and fast
Learn more about Dundas BI
0 reviews

Last updated: Apr 06, 2017 - Birst is an enterprise-caliber cloud based BI software that was developed to deliver content based on which business executives could make decisions to improve their company's performance. With this tool you should be able to pull real time data f
Learn more about Birst
34 reviews

Last updated: Apr 06, 2017 - The BI360 Suite is a software that integrates Microsoft Excel and the SQL Server platform to enhance forecasting, budgeting, reporting, consolidating and data warehousing activities for businesses. BI360 Suite was developed by Solver Inc., a co
Learn more about BI360 Suite
0 reviews

Last updated: Apr 02, 2017 - Datadog is a cloud based IT monitoring service solution for businesses of all sizes. Its features include app automation, source control, visualization, reporting, integration, and others. The software was designed and launched by Datadog hea
Learn more about Datadog
0 reviews

Last updated: Feb 07, 2017 - Tableau is a family of data visualization software designed for business intelligence that includes Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, Tableau Server, Tableau Public and Tableau Reader. The Tableau suite is intended for viewing and understanding busine
Learn more about Tableau
83 reviews

Last updated: Apr 06, 2017 - GoodData is a cloud-based BI software that allows businesses to easily read through their data and quickly answer critical questions by offering visual analysis tools that support data sharing and interpretation for deriving strategical insights.
Learn more about GoodData
13 reviews

Last updated: Apr 06, 2017 - TIBCO Spotfire S+ is a software developed to help users unlock the information hidden in their data and compete in the fierce market environment that the world has turned into. It is the application that will allow businesses to gain fast insights an
Learn more about TIBCO Spotfire S+
28 reviews

Last updated: Apr 03, 2017 - Resolver has helped some of the largest sports leagues address internal audit and risk assessment requirements. Find out how we could help you.No more surprises. GRC Cloud transforms the efficiencey of your SOX program while providing real-time visib
Learn more about GRC Cloud
2 reviews

Last updated: Feb 01, 2017 - Cognos Software is the Business Intelligence and performance management suite of IBM. It was developed to empower users who are not knowledgeable in technical skills to squeeze corporate data, interpret them and create reports. Cognos as a whole comp
Learn more about Cognos BI Software
0 reviews

Last updated: Feb 03, 2017 - InsightSquared Enterprise is a web based business intelligence solution for small and medium businesses. Its capabilities include pipeline management, sales analytics, trend management, and others. The software was designed and launched by I
Learn more about InsightSquared Enterprise
0 reviews

Last updated: Apr 06, 2017 - Vismatica is a business intelligence and analytics solution for small and medium businesses. It offers customized dashboards, data management, documentation, and integration capabilities. The software was developed and launched by IronRock So
Learn more about Vismatica
0 reviews

Last updated: Apr 06, 2017 - DataRPM is a business intelligence and analytics solution for small and medium businesses. It offers customized reporting and dashboards along with in-depth analytics management. The software was designed and launched by DataRPM Corporation h
Learn more about Instant Answers
0 reviews

Last updated: Apr 06, 2017 - Analance Business Intelligence Suite is a business data and analytics management solution for businesses of all sizes. It features real time analytics, customized reporting, collaboration, and other capabilities. The software was designed and
Learn more about Analance Business Intelligence Suite
0 reviews

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bpm’online CRM Specifications

Name: bpm’online CRM
Company: bpm’online
Address Boston, USA
Software Type: Standalone, On Premise
Typical Customers: Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Customer service, Marketing, Sales management, Service management
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Cloud

Sisense Specifications

Name: Sisense
Company: Sisense
Address 14 Wall Street Suite 1820, New York, New York 10005, USA
Software Type: Standalone, On Premise, Cloud, SaaS
Typical Customers: Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Cloud

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A Buyer's Guide to Dashboards & KPIs Solutions

BI & Dashboard Buyer’s Guide
The acquisition of Business Intelligence (BI) software is a huge investment for any company or corporation. Ranging from around $100K up to more than $10M in software price alone, software that could analyze business big data to better understand the SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) of an organization definitely requires an intelligent purchasing decision. This BI Buyer’s Guide from will walk you through the different angles of BI and give you some insights on how to acquire and implement BI software into your organization efficiently and effectively.
Also known as the decision support technologies, BI is consisting of the tools, systems, and processes that helps a business on its decision-making process related to marketing, product development, customer management, supply chain management, and the overall business planning in general. Dashboards and reports that talks about the performance of your business in real-time are just some of the key features a future BI buyer like should carefully scrutinize in a Business Intelligencesolution.
Data mining, text analytics, web analytics, real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and cloud data services are the technologies running behind BI. These technologies eliminate the hassles and dilemmas brought about by using legacy systems, manual spreadsheets, multiple accounts, and traditional periodic reporting. BI basically has five known categories that a buyer like should dig deeper into together with your management team. Let’s review them in brief.
BI that is based on dashboards, with alert features, that can be modified by human users.
Task-oriented BI ties the operational application with the system, also via the dashboard. It can be customized either as fully or semi-automated.
Also launched from a dashboard, this BI has the flexibility to further drilldown or dig deeper into data to gather more specific information.
Most companies are using the traditional enterprise-wide and departmental BI, also dashboard-based, but with features that are already lagging with technological innovations.
Third-party BI
Third party BI, like Google Analytics, is designed for a single purpose – measures website performance.
BI software like of the Oracle’s Fusion Edition is not a one-size-fits all system. This edition is segmented into various analytics versions - CRM, ERP, Telecom, Financial Services, Insurance, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, and Public Sector. The segmentation equates to specific BI solutions designed for specific application and as clearly enumerated, base on the industry that will utilize it.
Having highlighted this segmentation, almost all modern BI solutions have common features that characterized BI as a real intelligent application software. Let’s run over them one by one.
Executive dashboards
Real-time charts, pie graphs, meters, and time tables are what best describes a BI dashboard. Characterized by easily understood real-time data, a dashboard that can be personalized by business executives is one of the most important features to examine in any BI solution.
Location Intelligence
A geographical map showing the sales statistics per region is more than a Google Map with geotags. Data presented base on where they are as they happen is one of BI’s innovative features.
It’s more than playing with the data. BI software enables business to formulate strategies base on the available data before a decision is made. The capability of BI to know in advance whether a business move will be feasible or not is a feature of precision and accuracy analysis.
Interactive reports
Three dimensional reports that can be scrolled down, maximized, and interact with is a powerful feature of most BI software. Reports that are converted to digestible knowledge support better decision-making process.
Metadata layer
Metadata layers are data in simplified business language form. Users of BI system can see and access data without the need for coding or programming. This BI feature is about the simplicity in understanding and interacting with business data.
Ranking reports
More than the Excel pivoting function is what a BI can do. Ranking reports feature allows you to customize reports that order specific categories of information.
Social Collaboration
Discussing the figures in a certain report in real-time is BI’s social collaboration feature. Equipped with collaboration and communication platforms, that’s business software most employees would want to love using.
Solutions per Business Size, per Vendor
Researching for the niche players, challengers and leaders in the BI market would be helpful in narrowing down your search for the right solution. An excellent source of information for the right software solution is With over 6700 listed business software on their website, you can definitely find what you’re looking for in BI software. They have their software experts to assess you business case and then recommend the right BI solution. Here’s an overview of what has researched for you.
Among of the 2013 BI leaders are Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft, SAP, SAS, IBM, Tibco Software, and Oracle. Infor, Pyramid Analytics, Arcplan, Target, and Actuate belong to the niche players. Another good thing to explore in their website is the offered BI solutions by each player. Software directories, ebooks and buyer’s guide offered by are excellent sources of information for the right vendor and BI solutions.
Pricing Considerations
The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a BI solution is something that buyers like you should be very inclined with. The software, hardware, maintenance, services, enhancement, and support; all have their corresponding costs. Take closer look on these pricing considerations.
Hardware Cost = 33%-50% of the software cost
Hardware Maintenance Cost = 20% of hardware cost
Cost of Design and Implementation of Services:
  • < $100,000 in software = 100% in services
  • $100,000 to $500,000 in software = 300% in services
  • $500,000 to $2 million in software = 200% in services
Cost of ongoing maintenance, enhancements, and support = 20% of the software cost
As an example, Oracle’s BI Application for Sales Analytics software license cost is $5,800. The software update license and support costs $1,276. It requires a minimum of 20 users of the application. You can use this example as a way to compute TCO.
Market Trends
As a future buyer, getting adept with the trends and projections in BI will play an important role in optimizing your investment. In 2013, the worldwide spending on business Intelligence and analytics enterprise software was reported to be $14.4 billion. According to a report, 25% of new BI and analytics platform deployments will be in the form of cloud-based subscription. The trend therefore is on the use of Cloud BI.
The projection of some experts is that the enterprise data is expected to grow by 650% in the next five years. This is a clear indication that the need for BI software will also increase globally.
Despite of the positive growth forecast, most BI vendors will face global issues concerning the big data hype and challenges in the BI implementation process. On the other hand, the governed data discovery and analysis, which calls for information democracy, will be the focus of most BI vendors in the coming years.
Business Intelligence remained to be a reliable business partner in the sense that it continuously helps businesses in their goals – growth and profitability. And by becoming a smart buyer, these business goals will be far from being unreachable.
Finding the right Dashboards & KPIs software for your business
Proper Dashboards & KPIs software selections are the precursor to successful deployment and business growth. Finding the right Dashboards & KPIs solutions doesnt have to be complicated, and it doesnt have to take days or weeks of your time.

After researching over 2,000 systems, we can identify the best solution for companies of all shapes and sizes. is 100% free for software buyers.

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