Top 10 Clarizen Competitors

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Last updated: Dec 13, 2018

Clarizen Competitors

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Clarizen is a cloud-based project management software developed by a company of the same name. It allows teams and project managers to have a better working experience by managing teams, time spent on projects,


Clarizen Competitors and Alternatives

The main competitors for Clarizen are Mavenlink and JobTrac.

Mavenlink is a cloud based project management solution that includes financials, resource & time management as well. It includes project budgeting to better forecast both resources and time needed to successfully conclude a project, as well as supports multi-project control. Additionally all project tasks, schedules and updates can be shared through its collaboration platform. There is also a repository for commonly used project templates, a rate billing manual for invoicing, and support for change request management as well.

In comparison while Clarizen also addresses project management, it tailors its solution to different functional requirements. This includes traditional project managers, IT departments, professional services, software development as well as marketing projects. Its features include project planning & resource management, risk management, social collaboration, budgeting & issue management, as well as document management. Additionally Clarizen supports mobile devices for remote application access and updates.

JobTrac on the other hand is an on premise based project management solution unlike Clarizen. Some of its unique features include inventory control to manage products required for project implementation. Additionally it includes several project costing models which draw on previous billing, as well as resource & material costs to forecast financial costing requirements.

While Clarizen does not fully support these features, unlike its competitors it does include an Apps library for added productivity tools. Another point is that the product is easily customizable and includes an open API for third party software integration.

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