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Last updated: May 13, 2017




Cornerstone Learning Management Software Specifications

Name: Cornerstone Learning Management Software
Company: Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc
Address Los Angeles, CA
Software Type: Standalone, Cloud, SaaS
Typical Customers: Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Cloud

TalentLMS Specifications

Name: TalentLMS
Company: Epignosis
Address Athens, 10564, Kentrikos Tomeas Athinon, Attiki, Greece
Software Type: Standalone, Cloud, SaaS
Typical Customers: Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Cloud

Expert Review

Cornerstone Learning Management Software Review
Updated: May 10, 2017

Cornerstone Learning Management Sof Overview
Cornerstone is a learning management software solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers services related to course development, communication, content management, and other domains. The software was designed and launched by Cornerstone OnDemand headquartered in California, United States.

Cornerstone Learning Management Sof Average Rating
This software product is not yet rated

Cornerstone Learning Management Sof Typical Customers
The software is a viable product for businesses of all sizes. It can be used in a variety of major industries including higher education, financial services, media and entertainment, publishing, communication, and others. Some major customers of the software include Virgin Media, Turner Broadcasting System Inc, and University of Southern California etc.

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TalentLMS Review
Updated: May 13, 2017

TalentLMS Overview
TalentLMS is a learning platform that is cloud-based. This is one of the most easy-to-use yet powerful LMS. Users are able to create courses without much of a problem. Companies can use this software for training purposes for their employees as well as consumers. Small organizations have benefited from the use of this program which emphasizes on the reuse of training materials that are already in existence. This saves time and money and users are able to enjoy great output.

TalentLMS is a product of Epignosis Ltd and was released into the market in October 2012.

TalentLMS Average Rating -
The average rating of TalentLMS is 5 stars. The rating is based on 1 aggregated online reviews.

TalentLMS Typical Customers
TalentLMS can be useful for all organizations that are serious about training employees. Online training is vital and the beauty of this program is the fact that you will use the same old content for your course creation. There are many industries that are in frequent need of offering training and they include manufacturing, construction, education, marketing and advertising, non-profit and almost every other industry that needs to train people. Companies can actually create and sell their own course using this program. There are so many modern features that have been incorporated to make this possible.

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    Cornerstone Learning Management Software Alternatives

    The main competitors for Cornerstone Learning Management are LearnCore and TalentLMS.

    LearCore is a learning management system for corporate training requirements that include onboarding, sales & product training, leadership development as well as knowledge sharing. Its features include course creation from multiple content sources, assessments, as well as course assignments. The product is also cloud based and can be accessed via mobile devices for remote learning opportunities. Additionally there are data analytics for performance monitoring, gamification to encourage better learning performance, as well as social recognition for star performers.

    Cornerstone Learning Management on the other hand has similar features but can also provide i

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    TalentLMS Alternatives

    TalentLMS has a good number of competitors and they include Midnflash, Litmos, HP Cloud Compute and WebSphere CloudBurst among others. Among all these programs, TalentLMS is the latest entrant into the market and has been doing well, In terms of the ease of use and functionality, a good number of users prefer TalentLMS. It has also been able to offer a lot of modern content consumption gateway via other services like Wikipedia, Slidshare and YouTube among others which is a great thing.

    It is compatible with most mobile devices without requiring a supporting program. It has a simple yet robust interface with so many modern features and utilities. It has proved to give other competitors a run for their money.

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