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Last updated: May 11, 2017




Wrike Specifications

Name: Wrike
Company: WRIKE
Address Mountain View, CA
Software Type: Standalone, Cloud, SaaS
Typical Customers: Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business, Private use
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Cloud

Mavenlink Specifications

Name: Mavenlink
Company: Mavenlink
Address 6501 Irvine Center Dr, Suite 250 Irvine, CA 92618
Software Type: Standalone, Cloud, SaaS
Typical Customers: Small business, Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Cloud


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Expert Review

Wrike Review
Updated: May 11, 2017

Wrike Overview
Wrike is a project management software that can help users with all their project management needs and lead every project to success. All team members get access to information that is always kept up-to-date, allowing them to be aware of deadlines and complete tasks more easily by prioritizing assignments, monitoring work updates in real-time and providing timely feedback.

Wrike, Inc., the company behind Wrike, has been providing collaboration and project management solutions since 2003. This fast-growing privately held company is headquartered in Silicon Valley. Andrew Filev is the CEO and founder of Wrike.

Wrike Average Rating -
The average rating of Wrike is 5 stars. The rating is based on 12 aggregated online reviews.

Wrike Typical Customers
Wrike is perfect for teams and companies of all sizes: starting from solopreneurs and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Tech, social media companies, marketing departments and any other company where project management tools are needed can use this software. Google, HTC, PayPal, Adobe and Electronic Arts are some of the Wrike clients.

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Mavenlink Review
Updated: May 10, 2017

Mavenlink Overview
Mavenlink is a software-as-a-service company that provides software and services for advanced project management, task collaboration, resource allocation, work management, and professional services automation. Mavenlink was developed by a company of the same name which was founded in 2008. Currently the company is located in Irvine and San Francisco.

Mavenlink Average Rating -
The average rating of Mavenlink is 5 stars. The rating is based on 16 aggregated online reviews.

Mavenlink Typical Customers
Mavelink is a great solution for small size organizations such as associations, non-profit organizations and freelancers. Public Administrators and large enterprises may also enjoy it. Some popular companies that already use the service are Konnessiwebbroi, Kloudz Computing, The Small Potatoes, Snatek, Nu Expression, and Moxie Marketing. Mavenlink would be a best fit for marketing companies, tech and design businesses, and animation studios.

Considering the fact that this online software supports international currencies, it can also be used by businesses outside the United States.

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    Wrike Alternatives

    Wrike has two main competitors and these are Clarizen and Mavenlink.

    Clarizen provides a project management solution that addresses different types of functional project requirements. It offers editions that are specific to project managers, information technology groups, software development teams, as well as professional services. Additionally the product comes with a free product trial and is available as a cloud based solution with mobile device access as well. Another important point is its integration with Salesforce to manage project customers and its App market for business productivity tools.

    Wrike on the other hand provides a solution that is focused on social collaboration for sharing of project information & knowledge, status &

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    Mavenlink Alternatives

    The two main competitors for Mavenlink are Wrike and Clarizen.

    Wrike provides its solution free for up to five project users and can scale to any size of project team with priced editions based on the team size. The product supports the full project management lifecycle and it is built on a social platform for project teams to collaborate on all aspects of the project in real time if needed. Another good point is that Wrike is available in multiple languages so it can support global project teams.

    Mavenlink on the other hand also provides a free version of its cloud based project management software. However it also includes additional features that cover budgeting for better project cost control, as well as time & expense tracking to manag

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