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Alight Planning Enterprise Vs. Intacct Financial Management - Sep 06, 2018

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Alight Planning Enterprise: 8 Features

Budgeting & Forecasting
Ad-Hoc Analysis
Ad-Hoc Reporting
Automatic Scheduled Reporting
Customizable Dashboard
Customizable Features

Intacct Financial Management: 8 Features

Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Cash Flow
Purchase Orders
Sales Reporting
Time & Expense

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Alight Planning Enterprise Review
Updated: Apr 09, 2018

Alight Planning Enterprise is a budgeting and planning software that can be used by businesses willing to take control of their finances. It is available in both as an online service and a client server. With this tool, a company's finance team will find it much easier to prepare an accurate forecast and clearly communicate that information to other members of the organization.

The company Alight was founded in 2006 by Rand Heer. Its vision is to redefine the way businesses do their planning and become the desktop application of choice when it comes to financial planning and reporting.

Alight Planning Enterprise Average Rating -

The average rating of Alight Planning Enterprise is 3.9 stars. The rating is based on 4 aggregated online reviews.

Alight Planning Enterprise Typical Customers

Just 4 years after it was founded Alight has manage to gather over 250 customers from different business segments. The software's target users are small businesses looking for a budgeting tool but it can also be used by much larger enterprises that may need a software for a wide range of planning activities.

Alight Planning Enterprise can be a great application for rolling forecasts, decision analysis, event management and sales pipeline. The software will work fine for Biotechnology companies, educational institutions, financial service, retail stores, software companies, health care and construction companies. Among notable customers, you will find Christian Brothers Investment Services, Inc., Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc. and Blood Assurance, Inc.

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Intacct Financial Management Review
Updated: Sep 06, 2018

Intacct Financial Management is web based software that provides enterprises with accounting and financial management solutions. Supported accounting functionality includes general ledger, project accounting, purchasing and cash management.

Developed by the company Intacct, the software offers complete solutions to manage and automate financial management for enterprises. Till date, it has helped around 7000 organisation to use cloud computing accounting software and streamline their finances.

Intacct Financial Management Average Rating -

The average rating of Intacct Financial Management is 4 stars. The rating is based on 40 aggregated online reviews.

Intacct Financial Management Typical Customers

Intacct Financial Management extends support to small and medium sized companies. From emerging and multi-location enterprises to public companies and multinational organisation, everyone can use Intacct Financial Management to optimize their finance and accounting processes. The software is especially useful in industry-specific companies like accounting firms, franchises, hospitality, non-profits, professional service and wholesale distribution., Acceller, AOi, Aicent and Eye Care For Animals are some of the notable customers that currently use Intacct Financial Management.

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Alight Planning Enterprise pricing

Alight Planning Enterprise price Starting from $49 per month , on a scale between 1 to 10 Alight Planning Enterprise is rated 4, which is lower than the average cost of Accounting & Finance software.

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Intacct Financial Management pricing

Intacct Financial Management price Starting from $200 Per license , when comparing Intacct Financial Management to their competitors, the software is rated 4 - lower than the average Accounting & Finance software cost.


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