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JOBSCOPE Vs. Mar-Kov CMS Software - Dec 18, 2018

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JOBSCOPE Specifications

Company: Jobscope
Address Greenville, SC
Software Type: Standalone
Typical Customers: Small business, Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop

Mar-Kov CMS Software Specifications

Name: Mar-Kov CMS Software
Company: Mar-Kov software
Address Toronto, ON, Canada
Website:Mar-Kov CMS Software
Software Type: Standalone, On Premise, Cloud, SaaS
Typical Customers: Small business, Medium business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Cloud

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JOBSCOPE: 8 Features

Accounting Module
Business Intelligence Module
Human Resources Module
Manufacturing Module
Project Management Module
Supply Chain Management Module

Mar-Kov CMS Software: 8 Features

Inventory Management
Order Processing Management
Sourcing & Procurement
Supplier Management
Warehouse Management
Document Management
Enterprise Resource Planning

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Updated: Dec 18, 2018

JOBSCOPE Project ERP is a project manufacturing software that can help users to ensure that all the operations are scheduled accurately according to actual plant capacity and customer requirements. The software comes with all the required ERP software modules including production BOM, CRM, engineering BOM, estimating and quoting and more. The software also comes with built-in integration to CAD packages.

JOBSCOPE, the developers of JOBSCOPE Project ERP, has been providing ERP software and manufacturing software for over 30 years. They are popular for providing software and solutions for job-based manufacturing companies and can help manufacturing companies of various sizes.

JOBSCOPE Average Rating -

The average rating of JOBSCOPE is 4 stars. The rating is based on 3 aggregated online reviews.

JOBSCOPE Typical Customers

JOBSCOPE Project ERP is great for companies of all sizes that are looking for enterprise resource planning solutions, whether it’s a large Engineer to Order Manufacturer or just a small or medium size Make to Order manufacturing company or Job Shop.

Government contractors, aerospace and defense, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul, Make to Order, Engineer to Order and Job Shop companies usually use this software. West-Mark, Hamilton Sundstrand and Consarc Corporation are some of the clients of JOBSCOPE Project ERP.

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Mar-Kov CMS Software Review
Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Mar-Kov CMS (Chemical Management System) is a set of software modules that helps with the management and improves the efficiency of formulation, process, and batch based manufacturers. The software helps by automating most daily routine processes. This allows clients to streamline most of their operations while still keeping within the requirements of HACCP, FDA, and several other regulation requirements.

Mar-Kov Computer Systems has been in the business for the past 25 years. They have headquarters in North York, Ontario.

Mar-Kov CMS Software Average Rating

This software product is not yet rated

Mar-Kov CMS Software Typical Customers

Mar-Kov CMS targets Small (100 employees) to Large (more than 1000 employees) companies in several industries including the food, chemical, fragrance, pharmaceutical, flavors, OTC, and cosmetics industries. Mar-Kov CMS’s software provides specialized functions for Purchasing and Distribution, Inventory Control, Order Processing, Pre-Weigh, Research, Batching, Quality Control, Quality Analysis, Safety, and Regulatory.

The software also uses bar-coding, wireless, RFID, email and document scanning technologies so that it can produce paperless solutions that can help with making the company achieve the most accuracy for the least amount of effort. Among their most prominent clients includes Johnson & Johnson, Chanel, Actavis, and Sanofi-Aventis.

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JOBSCOPE pricing

JOBSCOPE price Starting from $3,000 Per license , on a scale between 1 to 10 JOBSCOPE is rated 6, which is similar to the average cost of Manufacturing software.


Mar-Kov CMS Software pricing

Mar-Kov CMS Software accurate pricing info is available upon request (they don't share it publicly), however, on a scale between 1 to 10 JOBSCOPE is rated 6, which is similar to the average cost of Manufacturing software.


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