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USAN ACD Vs. Five9 Virtual Call Center - Nov 22, 2018

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USAN ACD Specifications

Company: USAN INC
Address Norcross, GA
Software Type: Standalone, On Premise, Cloud
Typical Customers: Small business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Cloud

Five9 Virtual Call Center Specifications

Name: Five9 Virtual Call Center
Company: Five9
Address San Ramon, CA 94583, USA
Website:Five9 Virtual Call Center
Software Type: Standalone, Cloud
Typical Customers: Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Information technology
Platforms: Cloud

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USAN ACD: 3 Features

Data Import/Export
Basic Reports
Online Customer Support

Five9 Virtual Call Center: 8 Features

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
ANI (Automatic Number Identification)
Auto Dialer
Blended Call Center
Call Conferencing
Call Queue Management
Call Recording
CRM with Call Center

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Updated: Mar 23, 2018

Quickly and effectively managing inbound customer requests is a minimum expectation for customer service today. Without this ability, customers will suffer through long hold times and poor customer service. And companies will face decreased service levels, customer churn and lost revenue. A common solution for handling inbound interactions is an Automated Call Distributor (ACD). ACDs are found in almost every professional contact center operation, but not every ACD is created equal. Many call centers are located in multiple facilities, distributed geographically. Furthermore, the agents that connect to these ACDs have varying times of availability, skill sets, service requirements, and access to disparate business functionality.

USAN ACD Average Rating

The average rating of USAN ACD is 3.8 stars. The rating is based on 18 aggregated online reviews.

USAN ACD Typical Customers

Small business, Large business

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Five9 Virtual Call Center Review
Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Five9 is a cloud-based call center software for inbound, outbound or blended contact center functions such as telesales, support centers and telemarketing. It includes IVR, ACD and dialer features required by contact centers, as well as speech recognition and workforce optimization options. Five9 offers advanced technology for the contact center industry, productive agents that accelerate outbound and inbound blended capabilities. Five9 is a product of a company by the same name, with over 10 years in the business. It is based in the USA, with data centers in San Francisco and New York, and offices in Russia, Canada and the Philippines.

Five9 Virtual Call Center Average Rating -

The average rating of Five9 Virtual Call Center is 4 stars. The rating is based on 15 aggregated online reviews.

Five9 Virtual Call Center Typical Customers

Five9 is ideal for small to large businesses that handle customer service (particularly outsourcers or BPOs), sales and marketing, finance and collections. Although initially designed to support small and medium business and nonprofit organizations, it has gradually became the choice of midsized and big enterprises around the world. Five9 currently serves 15,000 customers worldwide including eBay, Expedia and Vonage.

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USAN ACD pricing

USAN ACD price Starting from $49 per month , on a scale between 1 to 10 USAN ACD is rated 6, which is similar to the average cost of Call Center software.


Five9 Virtual Call Center pricing

Five9 Virtual Call Center price Starting from $185 Per month/user , when comparing Five9 Virtual Call Center to their competitors, the software is rated 6 - similar to the average Call Center software cost.


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