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We are looking for experienced Software consultants to share their knowledge on software products, best practices, decision making processes, assist the IT community and get paid for their knowledge. will pay the Reviewer a referral fee for all closed sales that were directly generated from the blog post page.

Frequently Asked Questions is a free service that helps software buyers choose the right tools for their organization. It is an international and social-professional community of software buyers, Tech decision makers, IT professionals and Software vendors.

A professional guest post is a great networking opportunity that gives you great exposure on a high-profile site, and contributes to your reputation as a thought leader among your peers in the IT community.

1. Submit your first-hand software review. Share it on social networks.

2. Track the status of the leads and get notified when your blog posts generated income for

3. Get Paid a referral fee of 50% for all closed sales that were directly generated from your article page.

Anyone with hands-on business software experience can share their knowledge by posting a review on any software listed on our directory. Vendors are excluded from reviewing their own company’s or competitors’ products, but are encouraged to comment on reviews of their own products using a public profile.

    There are more than 8,000 business applications listed across 400 categories. You can find the full list of software products here.

  • Your first-hand experience with a business software product as an IT manager, project manager or super user.

  • Comparison between different software products.

  • Trends on certain software category. e.g. CRM, HR, BI, etc.

  • Best practices, methodologies and insights on software selection and implementation.

  • Methodologies for implementing software software.

A post about various subjects where you contribute your professional opinion about IT systems and applications such as software reviews and comparison, renovations and upcoming technologies in the IT realm, software selection decision making process, etc.

Every time a user fills out the form from your post page we assign them with your unique article ID in order to link the lead to your account and pay you a referral fee if qualified.

Payments are made at the end of each month, and the minimum payment amount is $100 which will be paid within 30 business days of month end. Until a reviewer's account balance reaches the minimum payout, rolls over previous month earnings to the following month. Payments are received through PayPal,, eLance, PPH or oDesk platform. will not be responsible for paying any banking fees, other charges, or interest, including limitation fees or charges resulting from your failure to comply with these terms, such as those incurred for not being able to pay you, or restoring payments to you that were transferred to the wrong account in case your payment information is not up to date. will pay the Reviewer a referral fee of 50% for all closed sales directly generated from the product links at the Review Page. A sale will be considered as closed when a customer pays for its services.

We may and can remove your review and withhold all payments to a Reviewer under any of the following circumstances: (1) if we believe that inappropriate methods (i.e. page-views generated from non-genuine review readership or fraudulent acts such as click spam, automated robots, macro programs and internet agents) have been employed to increase traffic. (2) if your review was copied or does not meet Review Guidelines.

  • Post should be between 500-1000 words long.

  • Content must be fresh and original, not previously published elsewhere.

  • Your post must clearly express your opinion and include a strong argument.

  • Make sure your post provides useful and valuable information that can benefit our readers.

  • Provide specific examples and anecdotes to illustrate your points.

  • Abstain from promotional and self-serving content; you'll get self-promotion by publishing your details.

  • Submit a well-written and revised post.

  • Images and graphics are welcome. Provide links for attribution.

  • For additional info, please contact us by submitting the "contact us" form, or at:

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