Top 10 Qlikview Competitors

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Last updated: Nov 10, 2018

Qlikview Competitors

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Qlikview is a business intelligence program with many useful tools that any business needs. The application allows business owners close monitoring of their business. Qlikview incorporates many solutions and to


Qlikview Competitors and Alternatives

Tableau Server and Birst are two main competitors of QlikView.

Birst is a cloud based business analytics tool that provides a free trial of its product and can access multiple on premise as well as cloud based data repositories. Its features include advanced tools for data visualization, interactive analysis, collaborative review and information sharing, as well as self service portals for data querying. Additionally Birst allows users to perform data mashups by combining enterprise data with their own information to review individual analytic views.

QlikView is also a cloud based BI solution that includes a publisher for automated distribution of analytic information, and a Direct Discovery tool that integrates with Big Data to allow analysis of unstructured data as well. There is also a Governance Dashboard to optimize the utilization of the QlikView product from a technology point of view and thereby improve information analysis.

Tableau Server on the other hand offers a free trial of the product and is provided as both an on premise as well as hosted edition based on customer requirements. The product is accessible via mobile devices and supports interactive dashboards which can be embedded in almost any type of enterprise application. Additionally the product supports data collaboration with includes commenting, real-time analysis as well as self service query management.

QlikView on the other hand offers clients a free download of its full featured desktop edition for use which is not period based. Additionally it allows development of business discovery apps for deployment in the organization and can integrate with collaboration portals for sharing of data analytics.

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