Appointmate Review - why 3.3 stars?

Appointmate Review
ITQlick Score: 89/100
ITQlick Rating: (3.3/5)
Pricing: 3.2/10 - low cost
Category: Medical Scheduling -> Appointmate
Ranking:Ranked 1 out of 11 Medical Scheduling systems
Company: Data Health Technologies
Pricing: starts at $100 per user/month
Typical customers: Small, medium and large size businesses
Platforms: Desktop
Links: Appointmate pricing, Appointmate alternatives

Shlomi LaviShlomi Lavi / updated: Mar 18, 2022

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What is Appointmate and its features?

Appointmate is a cloud-based medical scheduling and private duty software solution that helps manage all aspects of agency workflow. Appointmate helps streamline resource management, scheduling, and billing to help medical agencies meet growing demand and continually operate in compliance. The software platform comes with several features, and some are discussed below:
  • Schedule Effortlessly: With Appointmate, users can get a clear overview of all home care appointments on a single screen, match client needs with skills, availability, and locations of caregivers, schedule employee tasks based on protocols, prevent conflict, and receive notifications on overdue appointments.
  • Manage Efficiently: Medical service providers can attend to the business side of things with the Appointmate software. The platform supports tracking nonmedical overtime, balances and payments, accounting integrations (QuickBooks and MAS 90) and provides a single solution for invoicing payroll and accounts receivable.
  • Care Seamlessly: With Appointmate, medical practices can validate calls from caregivers, allow home care employees to clock in and clock out, access telephony, portal, and mobile tracking of care compliance, and track visit verification with electronic GPS.
  • Grow Quickly: Appointmate helps medical services scale with real-time visibility into client hours and revenue via a dashboard, over 175 standard reports like financial reports, caregiver reports, and HR Reviews conversion data. The platform also includes a built-in CRM system to facilitate customer relationship management.
Delta Health Technologies offer the Appointmate solution. The vendor company was founded in 1968, and its headquarters is located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Delta Health Technologies employs between 101-250 people.

What is Appointmate rating?

The rating of Appointmate is 3.3 stars out of 5 and the total score is 89 out of 100. The rating score is based on our unbiased data-based algo. Learn more - rating methodology page.

Who uses Appointmate?

The software is a useful solution for medical businesses and practices of all sizes and a variety of types. It can be used by different domains of medical industry including home healthcare, skin care, ambulatory care, and others. Some notable clients of the software include Christi Bechtold, Guardian Angels Home Health Care, and others.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, Appointmate makes it fairly easy to use. This product is user friendly and intuitive.

Is Appointmate cloud-based?

No, the software in not cloud based so you would need to install it locally and connect it directly to a server.

Can it be used on mobile?

No, currently Appointmate can't be accessed on mobile, you would need to access it from your computer.

Is Appointmate the best Medical Scheduling system?

Appointmate is ranked 1 out of 11 software in their category (Medical Scheduling systems).

What are their main features and functionalities?

The web based nature of the software allows data to be accessed from any location, making it viable for multi-location businesses. Data protection is ensured for patients and practitioners alike with full HIPAA compliance of the software. The software also offers customizable branding and reporting capabilities for greater personalization.

Appointmate comes with dashboards that offer real-time view of revenues and thus provides complete visibility and control over staff and scheduling. It also provides information about employee availability, logging hours, and alerts for overdue appointments. Other capabilities include instant messaging, automatic reminders, accounting integration, and others.

What are Appointmate's pros? (3 Pros)

  • The Appointmate platform has robust scheduling features
  • The time tracking features work excellently
  • Appointmate is generally easy to use, even for beginners

What are Appointmate's cons? (2 cons)

  • The platform is entirely web-based, and sometimes it runs slow or lags
  • Appointmate does not provide any feature for paperless reporting

Who are their main alternatives?

In the private duty and medical scheduling software categories, the following options are top alternatives to Appointmate: 10to8, AppointmentPlus,, and DoctorConnect. Appointmate is compared to its top alternatives in the selected aspects below:
  • Cloud/On-premise: Appointmate is an entirely web-based private duty and medical scheduling software solution. In comparison, all top alternatives of the Appointmate solution are entirely web-based platforms and online scheduling systems.
  • Cost: The pricing details for Appointmate are not disclosed by its vendor. In comparison, pricing starts at $8.25 per month, 10to8 pricing starts at $9.60 per month, AppointmentPlus pricing starts at $49 per month, while DoctorConnect does not reveal its pricing details. 10to8 and offer free forever plans.
  • Customers/Industries: Appointmate targets, and was built for, businesses that have medical scheduling needs like hospitals, clinics, therapists, etc. In comparison, DoctorConnect is exclusive to the medical industry, while the other top alternatives also offer scheduling solutions to other industries like education, beauty, retail, governments, etc.
  • Functionality: Appointmate comes with typical functionalities for medical scheduling software like CRM, patient portal, reporting and Analytics, and time tracking. When compared to its top alternatives, Appointmate does not offer Telehealth features like DoctorConnect. Also, and 10to8 offer users booking websites, which Appointmate does not offer its users. 10to8 also integrates with video conferencing apps for virtual appointment environments.
  • Popularity: Delta Health Technologies has 54 years of experience handling medical scheduling needs. In comparison, over 100,000 businesses use 10to8, has over 50,000 companies using its services, AppointmentPlus has been used to book over 500 million appointments. At the same time, DoctorConnect boasts 27 years of experience in medical scheduling.
  • Scalability: Appointmate is fit for medical services and practices of all sizes, able to grow as a business expands. In comparison, all top alternatives of Appointmate are equally scalable solutions.
  • Support: For support, Appointmate comes with channels like email, phone, and a knowledge base. When compared to its top competitors, Appointmate does not offer its clients support via live chat, which is available on, AppointmentPlus, and DoctorConnect.

What is the cost of Appointmate?

The cost of license starts at $100 per user/month. On top of the total cost of licenses which is easy to calculate - what is the REAL total cost of implementation? You need to add the cost of training, customization, data migration, and other "hidden cost". ITQlick pricing score is 3.2 out of 10 (10 is most expensive). You can find here the REAL total cost breakdown for Appointmate.

What should you ask Data Health Technologies during a demo session? (65 questions)

Schedule a demo with Appointmate and access 65 must ask questions for the vendor while watching Appointmate in action. Visit the vendor's website here.

Where Appointmate is used?

Appointmate is an online private duty and medical scheduling software solution that streamlines management for medically-inclined businesses like practices (solo and enterprise), home care, etc. The software suits businesses of all sizes, from solo practices to enterprises, and some clients that use the product include Eddy VNA Care Management and Masters in Home Care.

List of categories

Employee Scheduling

List of features

Data Import/Export
Basic Reports
Online Customer Support

Appointmate Vs. Alternatives

ITQlick rating
License pricing
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$100 per user/month
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$54.94 per license
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$61 per month
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$100 per month
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$15 per month


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