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Last updated: Jan 07, 2019

BOARD Review

92 reviews

Small business, Medium business, Large business

BOARD All In One is a software comprising of all the functionalities necessary to build any Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence application without having to rely on any programming. It s


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What is BOARD? Updated: Jan 07, 2019

BOARD All In One is a software comprising of all the functionalities necessary to build any Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence application without having to rely on any programming. It stands out with respect to the way it helps speed up the CPM applications building and Business Intelligence process.

The company BOARD International was founded in 1994 and since then it has been an industry leader when it comes to programming-free toolkits integrated into Business Intelligence software applications used for Corporate Performance Management. BOARD's main headquarters are located in Chiasso, Switzerland but the company has offices spread in the United States, UK, Benelux, Germany, Italy, Spain, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Japan and a worldwide resellers network.

BOARD Average Rating -

The average rating of BOARD is 4.5 stars. The rating is based on 92 aggregated online reviews.

BOARD Typical Customers

BOARD is the preferred BI and CPM tool for more than 3000 companies around the globe. The software can be adopted by companies of all sizes no matter what industry they are in. Any business looking for an excellent decision-making system would want to take advantage of the tools BOARD has to offer.

The software has been serving people in the banking and insurance industry (Banca d'Alba, Bank of Cyprus, Western Mutual), chemical industry (Basf Agro, Petronieves), construction industry (Pickard Chilton, Simonds Homes), fashion & retail (Giorgio Armani, Nike, Puma), energy (juwi, United Energy and Multinet Gas), food (Bacardi, Chupa Chups), and even government (US Navy, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste University).

BOARD Features

BOARD was developed to help business owners go through a proper decision making process aimed at maximizing their company performance. Companies that already rely on BI and CPM will certainly enjoy the fact that these 2 are integrated in one platform with a seamless solution from a functional standpoint.

With this software, organizations should be able to reach a single consolidated vision by integrating information from different sources and allowing the user to see the bigger picture. Because the changes made to applications are propagated to data, the Performance Management environment is always fully aligned with Business Intelligence, which creates a shared vision for the organization.

BOARD 5 Pros

  • BOARD Management Intelligence offers many analytic features including Ad Hoc Analysis, OLAP, Predictive Analysis and Profit Analysis
  • BOARD is available in German, Italian, Spanish, French, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese
  • In Person training and video tutorials are available to businesses that are not familiar with the software
  • BOARD Management Intelligence combines BI and Corporate Performance Management application in one toolkit
  • Customer support can be contacted through phone whenever assistance is needed

BOARD 2 Cons

  • Customer support through email or online chat is not available
  • BOARD Management Intelligence lacks the analytics feature for issue indicators

BOARD Alternatives

The two main competitors for Board Management Intelligence are Adaptive Insights and Targit.

Adaptive Insights looks to provide companies a corporate performance management system integrated with effective business intelligence tools. It supports access of data from multiple sources and allows visual representation using interactive dashboards that measure performance against configurable KPIs and benchmarks. Additionally the software supports planning & forecasting tools that map corporate performance objectives on operational processes and then monitor achievement using scorecards. These can provide rating on different organizational levels and identify both achievement as well as problem areas that need attention.

Board Management Intelligence on the other hand is a similar solution that also includes a number of financial performance tools for budgeting, financial consolidation, profitability review as well business strategy. Another important feature is its development toolkit which allows the design of customer specific BI applications which can map to performance requirements to display real-time information throughout the organization.

In comparison Targit provides a unique story board feature which maps the development, current status and future targets of performance objectives in one visual display. This can be modified for the requirements of different parts of the organization, while also being updated in real time to ensure the workforce has a clear view of how well the company is achieving its strategic objectives.

While Board management Intelligence does not support this feature, it does include performance reporting that meets requirements for regulatory compliance. Additionally the product allows easy integration to third party software for both data extraction as well as information transfer as required.

BOARD Pricing Information

The cost of the proprietary license depends on your preferred software version.

BOARD demo

25 questions to ask the vendor on BOARD demo

BOARD Categories

Demand Planning
Retail Merchandise Planning
Project Budgeting
Materiel Forecasting
Manufacturing BI
Visual Analytics
Query and Report Writer
Predictive analytics
Mobile BI
In memory processing


Address: BOARD International SA, Piazza Bernasconi 5, Chiasso, Switzerland
Customers: Small business, Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Cloud
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux

BOARD Features

Customizable Categories
Mobile Access
On Premise
Online Customer Support
Web Hosted Solution
Budgeting & Forecasting
P&L Statement
Sales Reporting
Ad-Hoc Analysis
Ad-Hoc Reporting
Automatic Scheduled Reporting
Customizable Dashboard
Customizable Features
Forecasting & Budgeting


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