BUDGET Plus Review

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Last updated: Mar 21, 2018

BUDGET Plus Review

4 reviews

Medium business, Large business

Management Plus is a property management software that works with almost any accounting program to help users manage things more productively and efficiently. The affordable property management solution comes w

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What is BUDGET Plus? Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Management Plus is a property management software that works with almost any accounting program to help users manage things more productively and efficiently. The affordable property management solution comes with built in automated process wizards and tax credit processing features. Users can add modules to this software to enhance its power.

RealPage, the company behind Management Plus, has been providing on-demand property management solution for rental housing industry property for a long time. The company is also popular for their product Spectra, i-CAM and Tenant Pro. The company is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas.

BUDGET Plus Average Rating -

The average rating of BUDGET Plus is 3.2 stars. The rating is based on 4 aggregated online reviews.

BUDGET Plus Typical Customers

Management Plus is perfect for properties of large sizes. Large property owners and property managers who are looking for a property management software to manage things more efficiently can try this software. Royse &Brinkmeyer and Thiemann Real Estate, LLC are some of the clients of Management Plus.

BUDGET Plus Features

Management Plus comes with financial processing, workflow efficiency, automated process wizards, reporting and marketing efforts tracking features. The built-in automated process wizards can help users to eliminate the guesswork from their daily activities as it can process move-outs, movie-in and eliminate user error and streamline various daily processes. The workflow efficiency part comes with lease/tenant list and a central portal for tenant processing.

The financial processing feature of Management Part can help users to automatically process move-in and move out proration, calculate vacancy loss and apply late fees. As most of the processes are automated, it’s decreasing human error. The complete suite of reports offer all the basic reporting needs, starting from creating financial and occupancy reports to specific marketing and maintenance reports.

BUDGET Plus 5 Pros

  • Management Plus supports integration with almost any accounting software available out there
  • Management Plus offers a built-in automated process wizard to automate most of the daily process
  • The customer support of Management Plus offers a customer portal with on-demand training, knowledge base and search features
  • The property management software offers both on-site and online implementation and training assistance for users
  • The property management solution’s tax credit and affordable housing processing feature works better than most of the other similar tools

BUDGET Plus 2 Cons

  • Management Plus is only compatible with Windows which can be a problem for some users
  • Management Plus doesn’t offer online payment processing features like other similar tools

BUDGET Plus Alternatives

Buildium Property Manager and Total Management are the competitors of Management Plus. Buildium Property Manager comes with tenant screening, online maintenance, accounting, general ledger and online payments features, However, the software’s interface is not highly customizable.

Total Management is another popular solution with tenant portal, built-in criminal screening, late rent managing, CAM & Tax reconciliation and online marketing features. However, the software doesn’t offer any owner portal like other similar tools.

BUDGET Plus Pricing Information

Management Plus’s pricing plans are only available by request. The software offers both on-site and online training and implementation assistance to help users get the best out of this software.

BUDGET Plus demo

25 questions to ask the vendor on BUDGET Plus demo

BUDGET Plus Categories

Budgeting & Forecasting
Property Management


Address: 4660 Duke Drive, Mason, OH
Customers: Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Finance management
Platforms: Desktop
Operating Systems:

BUDGET Plus Features

Profit / Loss Statement
Automatic Data Backup
Automatic Property Mapping
Cost Analysis
Upload Documents

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