Cashier Live Review

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Last updated: Oct 30, 2018

Cashier Live Review

8 reviews

Starting from $75 Per month

Cashier Live is a web based point of sale solution for small and medium businesses. It also offers inventory and transaction management along with e-commerce management. The software was developed and la


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What is Cashier Live? Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Cashier Live is a web based point of sale solution for small and medium businesses. It also offers inventory and transaction management along with e-commerce management. The software was developed and launched by CashierLive headquartered in Illinois, United States.

Cashier Live Average Rating -

The average rating of Cashier Live is 4 stars. The rating is based on 8 aggregated online reviews.

Cashier Live Typical Customers

The software is an ideal POS solution for small and medium sized businesses. Common domains and sectors where it has been deployed include antique stores, arts & craft stores, beauty salons, electronics and technology, grocery and hardware stores, jewelry shops, pharmaceuticals, and sporting goods etc. Some notable customers of the software include Christie’s Auction House, Esmeralda Lambert, and Smart Electronics etc.

Cashier Live Features

The software offers email receipts which reduce waste and paper-based operations. Email receipts are sent to the customer and loyalty reward programs are offered. It can be integrated with a variety of peripheral devices such as receipt printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer etc. Multiple forms of payment are accepted and returns are managed through a simple and straightforward process.

With Cashier Live, inventory can be categorized and filtered using various parameters such as UPS, supplier, description, and reorder number. Other features include barcode scanning, discount transactions, gift receipts, and transaction hold etc.

Cashier Live Alternatives

Popular Alternatives to Cashier Live: Visual Anthology, Smartwerks, Retail-Man POS, MerchantOS Point of Sale, 2TouchPOS, webPOS, ShopKeep POS, utouchPOS, Cleanwash, Aralco POS.

Cashier Live Pricing Information

The software is available in three versions of shop, storefront, and chain. These three versions are available for $20 per month, $49 per month, and $75 per month respectively.

Cashier Live demo

25 questions to ask the vendor on Cashier Live demo

Cashier Live Categories

Retail Inventory POS
Retail Analytics POS
Point of sale
Mobile POS Systems
Retail & POS
Barcode Scanning
Retail Management POS
Tablet POS Systems


Address: 9 West Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL 60654
Website:Cashier Live
Customers: Small business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Mobile, Cloud
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux

Cashier Live Features

Bar Code Scanning
Buy X, Get Y Pricing
Credit Card Processing
Customer History
Customer Management
Employee Management
Gift Cards
Inventory Management
Items on Hold
Layaways & Quotes
Mobile POS Capability
Multiple Payment Forms
Price Lookup

Cashier Live Demo:

Cashier Live Video:

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