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Last updated: Mar 23, 2018

Cetec MRP Review

4 reviews

Starting from $40 Per month/user

Cetec MRP is a web based manufacturing resource planning (MRP) solution. The software supports job costing, inventory control, production scheduling and labor tracking in order to help companies better manage t


What is Cetec MRP? Updated: Mar 23, 2018

Cetec MRP is a web based manufacturing resource planning (MRP) solution. The software supports job costing, inventory control, production scheduling and labor tracking in order to help companies better manage their shop floors.

Tech-X the developer of Cetec MRP is focused on developing cost effective solutions for businesses that improve quality, increase efficiency and grow with a business. The company provides two more products in addition to its MRP solution and these include Cetec MRP and Cetec Compliance.

Cetec MRP Average Rating -

The average rating of Cetec MRP is 4.2 stars. The rating is based on 4 aggregated online reviews.

Cetec MRP Typical Customers

Cetec MRP is focused on small and mid range companies in the manufacturing and distribution sectors in a number of different industry verticals. The product is scalable based on the number of users and is offered as a cloud based solution with both SaaS and on site Hosted delivery models.

The product is designed for companies looking to improve their cash flow by delivering accurate production scheduling to reduce Work-In-Process inventory. Additionally by providing the required information efficiently Cetec MRP ensures companies can see improved employee productivity. The software is also easily customized and offers full configuration for workflows & process control; ensuring a system that adapts to a customer’s requirements rather than the other way around.

Finally Cetec MRP supports companies to compete in markets that are highly regulated such as the Military & Aerospace sectors that require stringent material traceability, quality standards and process control. This includes support for non-conformance resolution, corrective action & problem prevention, inspection & certification audits, as well as equipment calibration & maintenance with a quality dashboard to monitor status.

Customers include Brevan Electronics, Buse Industries, DC Electronics, Powergate, MMB Bearings, ECCO and Astrex Electronics.

Cetec MRP Features

Cetec MRP supports sales management which includes automated quoting, customer information management and sales analytics to help predict customer requirements and address them effectively. There is also a purchasing module that controls the procurement process and complex supply chain management. It includes purchase analytics to predict inventory requirements effectively, helps operations & inventory managers to make informed buying decisions, as well as minimize outlays so that goods arrive on time, are utilized efficiently, and within expected costs. Additionally there is support for purchase approvals and workflows which can be customized as per requirements.

Warehouse management is provided with support for barcode scanners and mobile devices such as tablets & iPads. Cetec MRP also increases warehouse throughput through effective control of the full warehouse cycle from receiving to shipping, with support for inventory validation & traceability. There is also a production module that tracks the production schedule in real-time, collects manufacturing data and monitors costs against time & materials utilized.

Cetec MRP additionally integrates with the Cetec ERP accounting module with support for a company’s full financials that include invoicing, receivables & payables as well as sales activity. There is also an integrated document management system for efficient information storage and retrieval. Finally there is a reporting module with detailed business analytics for performance and operational review, as well as the option to design customized reports based on business requirements.

Cetec MRP 5 Pros

  • Cetec MRP offers a free trial of its product
  • The product supports user driven customization and configuration of the product
  • Cetec MRP can be offered both as a SaaS and onsite Hosted solution
  • Mobile device access of the application is supported by Cetec MRP
  • The product supports advanced Data Analytics

Cetec MRP 2 Cons

  • Cetec MRP does not provide any social collaboration tools
  • The product is offered as a full featured one without different versions scaled to the requirements of different business sizes.

Cetec MRP Alternatives

Some of the key competitors for Cetec MRP are IQMS MRP and Rootstock MRP.

IQMS MRP provides a web-enabled materials requirement planning software for manufacturers both for their internal requirements as well as through outsourced manufacturing operations as well. It is integrated with the full supply chain to ensure material supply matches demand requirements with forecasting tools to provide accurate supply estimates. Other features include resource capacity planning to meet production workloads as well as equipment planning & allocation to meet production capacity needs.

Cetec MRP on the other hand is a similar solution based in the cloud. Along with the core features of IQMS MRP, this product also includes integrated sales & procurement for order management, as well as control of warehouse management for stock allocation & replenishment review.

Then there is Rootstock MRP which is another cloud based solution which includes most of the features available in Cetec MRP. However what distinguishes it from Cetec MRP is its material optimization function that looks to match actual and forecasted demand models to improve the requirements planning process and make it more accurate. Additionally the product also reviews inventory reorder points in real-time to ensure adjustments to meet change in demand.

Cetec MRP does not currently support this level of features, but does include a full reporting module with analytics for multi-dimensional analysis as well as a report designer for customized reporting needs. Additionally the product has options for document management, material & quality inspections as well as financials if required to run the product as standalone unit.

Cetec MRP Pricing Information

The product comes with a 30 day free trial and pricing is based on the number of users a company requires as follows
· 5-50 users $40/user/month
· 51-70 users $35/user/month
· 71-100 users $30/user/month
· 101-125 users $25/user/month
· 126-150 users $21/user/month
· 151+ users $17/user/month

The price includes free installation & setup, free upgrades and free online training and email support. Data migration services are priced at $500 with onsite Go-Live support an additional $5000 if required. There is also a training option for Super Users available for $2500.

Cetec MRP demo

25 questions to ask the vendor on Cetec MRP demo

Cetec MRP Categories

MRP Software
Manufacturing CRM
Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)
Manufacturing Asset Management
Manufacturing Accounting
Job Shop
Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing
Capacity Planning
Aerospace Manufacturing
Manufacturing (MRP / MES) Module
Cloud ERP


Address: Austin, TX, United States
Website:Cetec MRP
Customers: Start up, Small business, Medium business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux

Cetec MRP Features

Client Collaboration
Inventory Management
Order Processing Management
Supplier Management
Supply Chain Analytics
Supply Chain Monitoring
Supply Chain Planning
Transportation Management
Warehouse Management

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