eStockCard Review - why 4 stars?

Chronos eStockCard Inventory Software Review
ITQlick Score: 92/100
ITQlick Rating: (4/5)
Pricing: 5/10 - average cost
Category: Inventory Management -> eStockCard
Ranking:Ranked 1 out of 221 Inventory Management systems
Company: Chronos Process Integration
Pricing: starts at $699 per license
Typical customers: Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business
Platforms: Desktop, Cloud
Links: eStockCard pricing, eStockCard alternatives

Shlomi LaviShlomi Lavi / updated: Mar 11, 2022

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What is eStockCard and its features?

Chronos eStockCard Inventory is an inventory management system designed for the organization of inventory and the increase of stock accuracy. The software comes with features such as:
  • Inventory Management: End-users using Chronos eStockCard Inventory Management System can effortlessly transform their sales purchasing documents into another transaction with just a single click.
  • Location Properties: This feature allows end-users to set up location properties with 2D/3D display. According to actual practice, they can also set up multiple warehouses and inventory storage bins properties.
  • Item List: This feature enables end-users to view, add, modify, and void items easily. Item list is organized with item Group, Item Category, UOM, Item Type, etc.
  • Customizable Screen: Almost all the screen layouts or fields on Chronos eStockCard can be easily customized by end-users. This feature comes with DIY tools, which can be used to drag and drop to change the screen layout, add more new fields, etc.
  • Reports and Customization: Chronos eStockCard comes with more than 40 reports. These reports are ready for end-users to analyze and control their inventory effectively.
Chronos eStockCard is an inventory management system that started in 2002. The company is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company has a workforce of up to 50 employees.

What is eStockCard rating?

The rating of eStockCard is 4 stars out of 5 and the total score is 92 out of 100. The rating score is based on our unbiased data-based algo. Learn more - rating methodology page.

Who uses eStockCard?

The typical customers include the following business size: Start up, Small business, Medium business, Large business.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, eStockCard makes it fairly easy to use. This product is user friendly and intuitive.

Is eStockCard cloud-based?

Yes, they offer cloud based hosting, which means IT resources are retrieved through web-based tools and applications and you don't need to buy servers and additional hardware equipment.

Can it be used on mobile?

No, currently eStockCard can't be accessed on mobile, you would need to access it from your computer.

Is eStockCard the best Inventory Management system?

eStockCard is ranked 1 out of 221 software in their category (Inventory Management systems).

What are eStockCard's pros? (3 Pros)

  • Chronos eStockCard is feature-rich
  • The software is designed easy to navigate
  • The software is low-cost compared to its alternatives

What are eStockCard's cons? (1 cons)

  • The software is limited in support channels

Who are their main alternatives?

Chronos eStockCard competes with other inventory management systems like Webgility, Kintone, and Acctivate Inventory. We will compare these systems in some specific aspects below.
  • Functionality: Chronos eStockCard inventory offers features like Sales, purchase, inventory, Data Backup/Restore, User Privileges Control, Connecting Multiple Users, Tracking Inventory Abnormality with Automatic Email Alert, Barcode Label Design, Add Product Image, Stock Transfer, Cycle Count/Stock Check, etc. Compared to its alternatives, Webgility offers features like Order Management, Inventory Sync (available in Chronos eStockCard), Product Listings, Shipping & Fulfillment, Returns & Refunds, Scheduler, etc. Kintone offers features like Database Management, Workflow Management, Project & Task Management, Remote Work Platform, Team Communication, Intranet/Digital Workplace, Spreadsheet Conversion, Rapid Application Development, Claims Management, etc. Acctivate inventory offers features like Traceability (available in Chronos eStockCard), Purchasing, Import/Export, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Order Management (available in Webgility), eCommerce, EDI, Timeline, Powerful Search, Reporting, Inventory dashboard, Inventory forecasting, Inventory management and warehousing, ERP Alternative, Two-Way Sync, Mid-Market Scalable, Growth Focused, etc.
  • Customers/Industries: Chronos eStockCard inventory renders its services to end-users with specialties in Civil & Construction, Manufacturer, Logistics, Wholesaling, etc. Customers of eStockCard Inventory are Pfizer, Honda, Simense, DHL, Amazon, Ajinomoto, etc. Webgility has customers like Skinny Mixes, Epic Mens, Danwidth, Channie Visual Handwriting & Math Resources, Bases Loaded, Rareform, The Sandbox Boutique, Celtic Mink Jewelry, etc. Kintone renders its services to end-users with specialties in Nonprofit, Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate, Retail, Manufacturing, Education, etc. Kintone customers are Volvo, TW consulting, Rapid city area schools, Japan airline, Ricoh, LiveWell Colorado, etc.
  • Cost: According to ITQlick expert cost research, Chronos eStockCard is cost-rated at 2.5/5, which means it is low-cost inventory management software. The rating system considers this software rated 1-2 as low-cost and 4-5 as high cost. Chronos eStockCard starts at $699.00 as a flat rate, as a one-time payment. Chronos eStockCard does not offer a free version and a free trial. Webgility starts at $39 per month billed annually and $49 billed monthly. Kintone starts at $15.00 per month, and it comes with a free trial. The license cost information for Acctivate Inventory is unavailable.
  • Cloud-based/On-premise: All the alternatives except Chronos eStockCard Inventory are cloud-based. Acctivate inventory offers On-Premise for Windows and Linux.
  • Popularity: Acctivate Inventory is privately held and helps 1,000,000s businesses manage their financials and grow their business. Kintone is a public company and it is trusted by 20,000+ companies and nonprofits worldwide. Webgility is privately held and has helped over 10,000 companies with eCommerce automation.
  • Scalability: Acctivate Inventory and Kintone can accommodate small to medium-size businesses.
  • Support: Chronos eStockCard inventory offers the Chat support channel. When compared to its alternatives, Webgility, Kintone, and Acctivate Inventory all provide Chat, Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, and Phone Support.

What is the cost of eStockCard?

Chronos eStockCard offers three license pricing editions which are Warehouse, Premier, and Enterprise. The Warehouse edition starts at $699.00 as a one-time payment, and the Premier edition starts at $799.00 as a one-time payment. The pricing information for the Enterprise edition is not provided on its official website.

The Warehouse edition comes with features such as Supports multiple PCs on a Network (LAN), Powerful Warehouse Inventory Management, and Customize reporting. The Premier edition comes with everything in Warehouse, including Detail Sales Management Processes and Detail Purchasing Management Processes.

The Enterprise edition comes with everything in Premiere, including Supporting multiple sites via an Internet connection, Real-time inventory update via mobile computer, and Consolidated inventory monitoring for multiple sites.

What is the REAL total cost of implementation? on top of the total cost of licenses which is easy to calculate you need to add the cost of training, customization, data migration, and other "hidden cost". ITQlick pricing score is 5 out of 10 (10 is most expensive). You can fine here the REAL total cost breakdown for eStockCard. You can also find here pricing information from eStockCard's website.

What should you ask Chronos Process Integration during a demo session? (65 questions)

Schedule a demo with eStockCard and access 65 must ask questions for the vendor while watching eStockCard in action. Visit the vendor's website here.

Where eStockCard is used?

End-users seeking an inventory management system that helps generate weekly inventory quantity with details for a weekly management meeting and improve their inventory accuracy will fit well with Chronos eStockCard. Chronos eStockCard offers a simple and yet in-depth inventory functionality. Customers like Honda, Simense, DHL, Amazon, Ajinomoto, and much more use Chronos eStockCard to improve their businesses.

List of categories

Inventory Management

List of features

Barcode Integration
Custom Pricing Options
Customizable Functionality
Customizable Reporting
Inventory Optimization
Order Entry
Replenishment Order Alerts
Stock Inquiries
Supplier Management
Transfer Management
Vendor Managed Inventory
Warehouse Management

eStockCard Vs. Alternatives

ITQlick rating
License pricing
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$699 per license
ITQlick rating
License pricing
Pricing not available
ITQlick rating
License pricing
Pricing not available
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$9 per user/month
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$299 per 2 users/month

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