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Shlomi LaviShlomi Lavi / Jul 25, 2022

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Bottom Line: Which is Better - iVend Retail or Epos Now?

iVend Retail is more expensive to implement (TCO) than Epos Now, and Epos Now is rated higher (95/100) than iVend Retail (81/100). iVend Retail offers users more features (15) than Epos Now (4).

Looking for the right Retail Management POS solution for your business? Buyers are primarily concerned about the real total cost of implementation (TCO), the full list of features, vendor reliability, user reviews, and the pros and cons. In this article we compare between the two software products:

CitiXsys Vs. Epos

CitiXsys: With over 4000 customers in 15 countries using CitiXsys products and solutions, CitiXsys is one of the largest Software Solution Partner to the SAP Business One globally. CitiXsys is a leading provider of software products in the Retail and Wholesale Distribution Supply Chain domain. A recipient of the SAP Pinnacle Award, all CitiXsys produc...

Epos Epos Now is the leader in cloud POS. We have helped over 30,000 businesses to grow, and have built our business on our reputation for exceptional customer service.Launched in 2011, Epos Now was founded on a belief that all businesses and entrepreneurs should be able to leverage the power of both cloud computing and modern technology to power their ...

Who is more expensive? iVend Retail or Epos Now?

The real total cost of ownership (TCO) of Retail Management POS software includes the software license, subscription fees, software training, customizations, hardware (if needed), maintenance and support and other related services. When calculating the TCO, it's important to add all of these ”hidden costs” as well. We prepared a TCO (Total Cost) calculator for iVend Retail and Epos Now.

iVend Retail price starts at $160 per month , On a scale between 1 to 10 iVend Retail is rated 8, which is higher than the average cost of Retail Management POS software. Epos Now price starts at $39 per user/month , When comparing Epos Now to its competitors, the software is rated 2 - much lower than the average Retail Management POS software cost.

Bottom line: iVend Retail is more expensive than Epos Now.

Which software includes more/better features?

We've compared iVend Retail Vs. Epos Now based on some of the most important and required Retail Management POS features.

iVend Retail: this software is considered "feature-rich" with more than 10 important features, here is a partial list: Accounting Management, Bar Code Scanning, Consignment, Credit Card Processing, Customer Management, Discounts, eCommerce, Exchanges.

Epos Now: Retail & POS, Point of sale, Inventory Management, Barcode Scanning.

Target customer size

iVend Retail would be the best tool for retailers willing to get a 360 degree view of their business daily operations. The typical customers using Epos Now are those in the small business category (10-200 employees), medium-sized (500 to 1,000) and larger enterprises in various market sectors in the industry of IT, data processing and hosting and other related services, particularly the field of retailing and POS.

iVend Retail

ITQlick rating

starts at $160 per month

iVend Retail is a cloud-based as well as an on-premise point of sale system for retailers as well as wholesalers. The software helps retailers in various industries manage their sales in one platform and makes ...

Categories: Inventory Management, Bookstore POS, Cell Phone Store POS, Clothing Store Inventory POS.

Epos Now

ITQlick rating

starts at $39 per user/month

Epos Now is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) software offering users a unified platform in which they can control inventory, employee activity and back office.

Categories: Bakery POS, Bookstore POS, Cell Phone Store POS, Clothing Store Inventory POS, Convenience Store POS.

Compare specifications

Compare features

iVend Retail: 15 Features

Accounting Management
Bar Code Scanning
Credit Card Processing
Customer Management
Gift Cards
Inventory Management
Layaways & Quotes
Price Lookup
Print Receipt
Receipt Notes
Shipping/Delivery Setup

Epos Now: 4 Features

Retail & POS
Point of sale
Inventory Management
Barcode Scanning
ITQlick rating ITQlick Rating is based on the software score (below) and aggregated online reviews
ITQlick score ITQlick Score is a 1 to 100, the calculation is based on pricing, and functionality Vs. alternative solutions
Pricing score pricing Score is a 1 to 10 (10 is high cost), based on the TCO (cost of licences, customizations, training, hardware when relevant) Vs. alternative solutions
License pricing license pricing (if provided by the software vendor)
Functionality score
Software review
iVend Re...
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$160 per month
Epos Now
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$39 per user/month
Rent it ...
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$129 per month
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$89.99 per month
Profit P...
ITQlick rating
License pricing
$500 per license

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