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Shlomi LaviShlomi Lavi / Jun 04, 2024

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Bottom Line: Which is Better - paycor perform HR or Gusto?


Gusto and Paycor Perform HR Software offer similar features such as payroll management, benefits administration, and time tracking.

One key difference is that Gusto focuses more on small businesses, while Paycor Perform is designed for larger enterprises with more complex HR needs.

Both platforms provide employee self-service portals for easy access to important HR information.

Gusto and Paycor Perform HR Software offer reporting and analytics tools to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

Paycor Perform offers more advanced HR functionalities like recruiting and onboarding, which Gusto lacks.

Pros and Cons

One advantage of Gusto is its user-friendly interface, making it easy for small business owners to navigate and use the software efficiently.

Paycor Perform, on the other hand, provides robust HR solutions suitable for larger organizations with complex HR needs.

A drawback of Gusto is its limited scalability compared to Paycor Perform, which can handle larger employee volumes and more intricate HR processes.

Paycor Performs pricing can be higher than Gustos, potentially making it less accessible for smaller businesses with budget constraints.


Gusto offers a base plan starting at $39 per month per user, while Paycor Performs pricing starts at $99 per month per user.

For 1 user, Gusto would cost $39 per month, while Paycor Perform would cost $99 per month. For 10 users, Gusto would cost $390, and Paycor Perform would cost $990 monthly. For 100 users, Gusto would be $3,900, and Paycor Perform would be $9,900 per month.

User Interface

Gusto has a clean and intuitive user interface, both on desktop and mobile devices, providing a seamless experience for users.

Paycor Perform offers a more comprehensive interface with advanced features, suitable for users dealing with complex HR tasks, but it might be overwhelming for some users.


Gusto integrates with popular platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, TSheets, and Slack for enhanced functionality and workflow automation.

Paycor Perform offers integrations with ADP, Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce, allowing for a more customized and connected HR ecosystem.

Both platforms support API integrations for seamless data exchange with other business applications.


Paycor Perform is highly scalable, catering to the needs of large enterprises with thousands of employees, while Gusto is more suitable for small to medium-sized businesses with limited scalability.


Gusto and Paycor Perform both prioritize data security and compliance, with encryption protocols, regular security audits, and compliance with industry standards.

Both platforms have received security awards for their commitment to protecting user data and maintaining high-security standards.

Reporting and Analytics

Gusto and Paycor Perform offer a variety of standard reports such as payroll summaries, employee benefits reports, and time tracking analytics.

Users commonly leverage reports like employee tax documents, payroll registers, and benefits usage reports to gain insights into HR operations.

Support and Maintenance

Both Gusto and Paycor Perform provide SLAs for customer support, with Gusto offering live chat and comprehensive documentation for self-help.

Paycor Performs SLA ensures timely responses to queries and technical issues, with dedicated support teams available for assistance.

Training and Implementation

Gusto typically requires minimal training, with intuitive interfaces that users can quickly adapt to, leading to quicker implementation timelines without significant additional costs.

Paycor Performs implementation may take longer due to its complex features, requiring more extensive training and potentially incurring higher implementation costs.


Both platforms support growth and can accommodate an increasing number of users, with Paycor Perform offering more flexibility for large-scale enterprises.

There are no specific limits to the number of users on either platform, allowing businesses to scale without constraints.

Data Migration

Both Gusto and Paycor Perform offer tools and assistance for data migration, simplifying the process for users transitioning from legacy systems to their platforms.

Data migration is relatively straightforward on both platforms, with step-by-step guidance to ensure a smooth transition of HR data.

Mobile Access

Both Gusto and Paycor Perform provide mobile access through dedicated applications, offering a user-friendly mobile experience for managing HR tasks on the go.

The mobile UI/UX of both platforms is optimized for easy navigation and efficiency, ensuring users can access essential HR functions from their mobile devices seamlessly.

Cloud-based or On-Premise

Both Gusto and Paycor Perform are cloud-based HR solutions, offering the advantages of accessibility, scalability, and data security that come with cloud technology.

Cloud-based deployment eliminates the need for on-premise infrastructure and maintenance, providing cost-effective and flexible HR management solutions.

Vendor Reputation

Gusto was launched in 2011 and serves over 100,000 customers with a strong reputation for user-friendly HR software tailored for small businesses.

Paycor Perform, established in 1990, caters to a wide range of industries with over 30,000 customers, known for its comprehensive HR solutions for medium to large enterprises.

Industry Certifications

Gusto has received awards such as the PCMag Editors Choice and the Software & Information Industry Association CODiE Awards for its innovative HR solutions.

Paycor Perform has been recognized with accolades like the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards and the HR Tech Outlook Top HR Tech Solution Provider for its advanced HR functionalities.

User Reviews

Overall, Gusto receives positive feedback from users for its simplicity, affordability, and excellent customer support, earning a user sentiment score of 85/100.

Paycor Perform is praised for its robust features, scalability, and comprehensive HR tools, receiving a user sentiment score of 90/100 for its overall performance and user satisfaction.

Technical Requirements

Both Gusto and Paycor Perform have minimal technical requirements, with no special server configurations needed, making them easy to deploy and manage with limited IT resources.

Businesses can leverage the cloud-based infrastructure of these platforms without extensive IT support, streamlining HR operations effectively.

paycor perform HR

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starts at $99 per month + $5 per employee/month

Paycor Perform is a cloud-based human resource software that can be used in any business type. Paycor Perform can be applied in small businesses as well as in large enterprises to help solve the human resource ...

Categories: Financial reporting, Data Analysis Tools, Self-Service Portal, Human Resources.


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starts at $39 per month

A well-supported team is the key to a successful business. With Gusto easy-to-use platform, you can empower your people and push your business forward.

Categories: Check Printing, Performance Management, Document Management, Human Resources, Applicant Tracking.

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paycor perform HR: 5 Features

Direct Deposit
Payroll Tax Management
W-2 Preparation
Wage Garnishment

Gusto HR: 9 Features

Human Resources
Employee Onboarding
Workforce Management
Benefits Administration
Applicant Tracking
Compliant With HIPAA
Business tax
Task Management
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$99 per month + $5 per employee/month
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