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Last updated: Sep 22, 2018

Foundation Review

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Medium business, Large business

Since 1985, Foundation Software has assisted thousands of contractors with Foundation ® job cost accounting, project management and scheduling software. Foundation helps contractors understand their jobs and m


What is Foundation? Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Since 1985, Foundation Software has assisted thousands of contractors with Foundation ® job cost accounting, project management and scheduling software. Foundation helps contractors understand their jobs and manage overall financial progress better, faster and with more accuracy than ever before. Endorsed by construction-focused CPAs, industry leaders, and contractors alike, Foundation is a powerhouse application known for its ease of use and unlimited reporting capabilities. Completely date-sensitive, Foundation allows users to run any report (in any module) for any time period. Tight integration and customizable defaulting means Foundation works the way contractors need it to: with each transaction entered flowing seamlessly into General Ledger, Job Costing and other modules, when appropriate. Built with the powerful Microsoft® SQL database, the system offers speed, stability, security, and a user-definable drill-down capability. What’s more, Foundation seamlessly integrates with Microsoft products and other popular third-party applications. The software was developed by Foundation Software, a national software company founded in 1985 by Fred Ode. The company has an unwavering focus on construction, resulting in a robust software that has helped contractors across the United States.

Foundation Average Rating -

The average rating of Foundation is 4.2 stars. The rating is based on 15 aggregated online reviews.

Foundation Typical Customers

Since it’s for the construction industry, it’s an ideal choice for contractors. Construction companies that are intent in making their project management work more transparent and cost effective have an ideal application in Foundation.

Foundation Features

Foundation offers strong construction functionality like payroll for union and merit shops, certified payroll, AIA billing, job cost & profitability, work in progress, overhead allocation, prevailing wage, minority compliance and over/under billing to name just a few. The system comes standard with the following modules: Job Cost, Payroll, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order/Subcontract, CPA Audit/Review and the DataGenie Series of report and timecard designers and export/import utilities. Additional modules include Project Management/Document Control, Scheduling, Executive Dashboard, Service Dispatch, Equipment , Fixed Assets, Inventory, Time& Material Billings, Unit Price Billing, and Consolidated General Ledger. Foundation mobile - a remote timecard entry application that works with phones, tablets and other popular handheld devices; and Foundation eAccess - an employee portal for paystub information, Foundation works for contractors of various trades and sizes (Both on-premise software or cloud versions are available.)

Foundation 5 Pros

  • It has both a current, easy to use interface that reduces the time needed to learn how to use it.
  • Foundation Software is the original author and developer; everything from programming through support and sales is handled directly through corporate.
  • Foundation’s cloud option makes it possible for users to carry out tasks anywhere.
  • Foundation Software provides extensive support and training to new customers, ongoing support, and advanced training options for continued learning.
  • It’s a feature-rich application that was design to grow with a contractor.

Foundation 1 Cons

  • Because of its robustness, it may not be ideal for a one off project as learning how to use it and understanding all its features must be factored in.

Foundation Alternatives

The major competitors for Foundation are Penta Construction Accounting Software and Viewpoint Construction Accounting Software.

Penta Construction Accounting Software is part of a suite of business management applications for the construction industry. It includes core accounting features such as general ledger, payables & receivables, inventory & procurement as well as analytic tools for financial reporting requirements. Additional options include job & project costing, payroll services, as well as field service billing along with financial planning tools to create more accurate job estimates & quotations.

Foundation on the other hand is a dedicated construction accounting software which can be deployed on premise as well as in the cloud. While it provides most of the features available in Penta Construction Accounting Software, it also supports financial auditing and time & materials invoicing for variable cost projects. Additionally the product is mobile ready and can monitor equipment service costs as well as fixed assets accounting requirements.

Another competitor is Viewpoint Construction Accounting Software which provides other features such as subcontractor billing management, material suppliers’ procurement & payments, as well as cash flow & revenue analysis. While the product is cloud based it also integrates with a collaboration platform to help in financial analysis & planning, and provides job costing features to monitor expenses in real-time to better control construction budgets.

In comparison Foundation does not currently include most of these features although it does provide financial budgeting support. There is also a financial reporting module that in addition to standard reports, can also track Work in Progress projects to provide instant revenue & cost details for project profitability analysis.

Foundation Pricing Information

Information about pricing must be requested from the developer.

Foundation demo

25 questions to ask the vendor on Foundation demo

Foundation Categories

Financial Module
Customer Management Module
Cloud ERP
Web Based Construction
Roofing Contractor
Heavy Construction
General Contractor
Electrician Apps
Construction Project Scheduling
Construction Apps
Construction Accounting & Job Costing


Address: United States
Customers: Medium business, Large business
Business Area: Cross Business Areas
Platforms: Desktop, Cloud
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows

Foundation Features

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